I Am Two Weeks Late But The Test Said Negative Help Me

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Holly - October 1

Hi Erica and everyone, how are you all? sorry I too have been busy and stressed, and I too finally got my period on Sunday, it took me totally off guard. What's really weird is 2 days before I started feeling flutters, really rythmic, like hiccups. I had been trying to put the possibility of pregnancy out of my mind because the test continued to be negative and my symptoms seemed to subside, but then i felt the flutters, and 2 days later my period started. Totally confusing. I still feel movement, but i'm thinking i must be nuts. The period was totally normal, not heavy but not light, no clots or anything. I really don't know what to think.


Holly - October 6

well gals, how are all of you? I'm tripping out cause the flutters are back, and they've been pretty consistant all day and are stronger then they first were a couple weeks ago. If I were pregnant I'd be between 15-16 weeks, and my bleeding period like thing happened a week and a half ago, 10 weeks after my last one. I really don't know what to think, am I nuts? Can I be so nuts that I could imagine this movement in my uterus? anyone??? And no, its not gas, seriously.


Lisa - October 6

I've heard of women wanting children so bad that they somehow make their body give off pregnancy symptoms...have you seen a doctor yet?


Holly - October 6

Hi Lisa, yes I've seen someone at planned parenthood, i'm the same Holly from the beginning of this thread. But Lisa, I don't want to be pregnant. You can read that from the begining also.


Lisa - October 6

Sorry about that. What did they tell you? Did they give you a blood test? Are you getting any bigger or anything; or are you getting cramps? Have you also seen your family doctor?


Holly - October 7

hello Lisa, and everyone, well what they told me was that due the fact that I have not had a positive pregnancy test that I am most likely not pregnant. I had a quant hcg a couple days after my 2nd missed period, hcg was >2. I don't have a regular dr. because i don't have insurance, and can't get medicaid without a positive pregnancy test. I have been getting bigger, not too bad yet, but clothes are getting tight, i'm in my husbands jeans today.Sure would like to know what's going on with the flutters, feel like i've got an alien inside me.


Holly - October 7

hey I was looking back at the comment i made on th 6th, I meant to say 10 weeks after my last one was due, that "period" I had almost 2 weeks ago now happened 14 1/2 weeks from my last period back in June. Thats a lot of time to go without a positive test. I haven't tested in almost 2 weeks now, because i got that "period", and because it gets expensive testing every week for 10 weeks especially to keep seeing negatives. I have a couple of different tests stashed away though so I may take one in the morning.


chelley - October 8

Holly hi haven't posted or been on this website. I got on today and was reading yours how you feel flutters I thought I was going crazy because I got a neg test awhile back so I put the whole pregnancy thing out of my head... but forthe last two weeks Istarted feeling flutters too. when it fisrt started I thought it was gas....but didn't feel ga__sy or have much gas two days went by and I didn't feel anything but then I felt it again asd since then I feel it everyday.....i haven't said anything because people might think I'm crazy especially with a neg test. The flutters will happen when I least expect it and I'm not thinking about it. I'll feel it and it will literally make me jump. I wonder what this is. well just thoughtI'd write something because I can relate...and I know what I'm feeling I have a two year old son. and felt movement with him at 14 weeks.....sounds too early but once I went in for an ultra sound and the dr. asked meif I could feel him move I toldhim yes but thought it was just me because all the books said you couldn't feel your baby until 18-22 weeks...But I felt him move at 14weeks... and now I'm feeling it again. well good luck.


chris - October 8

when can you get a positive pregnancy test after implantion bleeding?


Amanda - October 16

I think the best way to ease your mind is to have a sonagram... I'm 15 weeks pregnant and I can feel the baby move.. But I think like the other girl said if you think about something so much you make yourself believe that you are pregnant..I remember being in college and swearing my stomach was moving becuase I thought I was pregnant and there could have been no way bacause you don't feel the baby move untill about 16 weeks.. But I think with your second one you can feel it earlier, you know what it feels like.. Good luck to all......


TaraW - February 16

Go see your doctor I took six at home pregnancy tests over a four week period and all of them came back negative. but i knew something was wrong with my body. so i went to my doctor and had a blood test done. sure enough i was pregnant. if your doctor is to busy just ask them for to schedule a blood test and that way you don't even have to see the doctor you just have to go get the test at the lab and someone will call you and tell you the results. My doctor told me that when you get a negative it can always be false there is only such thing as a false negative never a false positive when it comes to pregnancy.


lil10 - September 9

I am 2 weeks late n i taken 3 tests and they have been negative, i would love to be pregnant, but i don't know wat to do it's stressing me out!


Grandpa Viv - September 9

If you are testing negative at two weeks late using first morning pee, the chances of pregnancy are diminishing rapidly. Do you have any good early signs to brag on? Did you have good exposer a month ago?


van79 - September 10

I am almost 3 weeks late myself .. I've taken 7 pregnancy tests so far ..all negative .. I seem to have a couple of symptoms like cramping, sore b___sts and as from yesterday also some nausea .. with my daughter I was 6 weeks gone before I got a positive so I'm hoping that this will be a similar case .. I will re-test this weekend and if it's also negative I'm off to Dr on Monday with a urine sample.. good luck to all .. it's a pity that many posts have not been updated .. it would have given a lot of rea__surance to those who like me are on the waiting game.


Grandpa Viv - September 10

Van, I don't think the doctor will do anything wih the urine sample that you could not do at home. A quant_tative blood test is the next step up. You have some encouraging early signs - how about fatigue, backache, dreams, emotions, appet_te, smells, discharge, hot flashes. If you wait until you have missed a second period, you could perhaps ask about an ultrasound to check things out. GL!


Erika17300 - September 28

Hello fellow Erica, lol. But seriously, I also am two weeks late, I just took a pregnancy test this afternoon and it too came back negative. I want children but later on in life, I am still too young and would not be able to take care of myself and a child. But I digress, this is not the first time it has happened. I know that sometimes too much stress can cause a period to be late, even by as much as two weeks. When I read your story I was floored because it is similar to mine. I wish you the best of luck.



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