I Am Very Very Confuse And Worry

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lyn - April 11

My last period was 5th Feb. On 5th March I don't have my period. so I did the pregnancy test (around 13/14 March) 1 week after, then POSITIVE. but i wonder why the sign looks blur and hardly to appear..doctor confirmed that I am pregnant and still at early stage. but after 6 to 7 weeks i went to another doc and got scanned but informed no heartbeat yet(no baby sign yet only the black sack). then he said probably its 5 weeks. 2 weeks after that went again and still cannot spot any heartbeat or sign of the baby.. Again yesterday 10 April I spotted some reddish and brown (I thought Im bleeding/period?) but it so light. what happen to me?.. Other simptoms like br___t tenderness, smells did happen to me after i did the pregnancy test and also now. what happen???


Jamie - April 11

You may not be able to hear a heartbeat yet, as you're so early into the pregnancy. As far as the spotting, if you're worried, talk to a doctor; however, I had dark brown spotting, panicked, went to the ER, and was told that it was just a blood clot pa__sing, similar to the clots in a period, and nothing to worry about. I'd say, chill on worrying about the heartbeat, don't stress about the spotting, and just generally calm down...stressing is DEFINATELY bad for the baby, and in the early stages like you are, nothing's really certain yet.


lyn - April 12

Thanks Jamie... Glad to hear that... At least your experience makes me feel that im not alone. So now I'll wait for the next appointment and see and development.


kenya mama - April 12

when i was 9 weeks it took them a long time to find a heartbeat. you might just still be too early to hear or see the heartbeat. spotting red or brown is normal. relax and wait another week or two then check again for a heartbeat. chances are, everything is fine.


lyn - April 13

Thanks Kenya mama... At least i can take a deep breath... but.. here's one more thing that i didnt mentioned... when i went for my last appointment the doc said within 1 week u come back again, if we still cannot see any sign.. im afraid we have to "clean" it. When i read Jamie and your(kenya mama) reply, im thinking of not going back for awhile... and wait for another 2 weeks or more then go back there. Is it ok? or should i change another doc?


Sandra - April 13

Don't know if my calculations are correct but I think you're about 8 weeks. I wouldn't worry too much about the spotting yet, but at 8 weeks they should be able to pick up a fetus, should be ~3cm. You could wait 2 weeks instead of one to go back, but I would follow doctor's orders if I was you. If you go back in a week and nothing's changed, you don't have to get it "cleaned up" straight away and can choose to wait longer and get another u/s. If they still see nothing but a black sack at 9 weeks, you should prob prepare youself that it might be a failed pregnancy. Sorry, not trying to be negative, just think it's I good idea to go back in a week and follow drs orders.



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