I Am Worried I Dont Feel Pregnant Anymore

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Amy - July 11

I am about 6 and 1/2 weeks pregnant and I felt very Sick when I first found out... Now I only have sore br___ts and bad headaches and extreme hunger and bloating.. Do you think maybe something is wrong with the baby and thats why I am not feeling the Nausea and morning sickness anymore? I havent been to the doctors yet and my app. is a few weeks away. I need help now I am worried.....My air conditioner was broken whe I felt the extreme nausea and it's funny b/c now that is colder in here my symptoms seemed to have went away with that....


melissa mason - July 11

dont worry my doctor told me it aws normal to olny feel the sickness for a short period>


Amy - July 11

thank u I hope so.....


amber - July 12

You should be able to see your doctor when you want... not a few weeks away. If you are concerned about your babies health, you tell them you want to come in now, or you will find somewhere else to go.


:-) - July 12

Don't worry. I'm sure you are fine. I remember panicking when I was 8 weeks because ALL my symptoms disappeared. Even the sore b___sts. They returned a week or so later though. I would only worry if you're experiencing severe abdominal pain and bleeding. I'm 32 weeks and I feel nauseas if I get over-heated, so that's probably what happened to you. I was never sick in my first trimester.


L - July 12

I had the same thing happen to me only i never got symptoms until about 6 weeks and they all of the sudden stopped at 13 weeks... i kept telling my boyfriend that i didnt feel pregnant...it was like it all disappeared over night. so i went to the doc and checked it out and the baby was fine. and i too get very sick if its too hot...i know u wont feel better until u see for urself so get it checked out...ur doc will have to have something sooner. although at 8 weeks they usually still cant pick up a heartbeat but they'll let u know if ur still pregnant which u should be...babies dont usually disappear...but i did think the same and now at 18 weeks i still wonder if the baby is alright...


Melissa - July 13

I'm almost 11 weeks now and don't have a lot of symptoms either, but no pain or bleeding so I'm sure WE'RE fine =) I have sore b___bs (and bigger ones =D ) and that's about it! Sometimes my stomach just feels "sick" - not really nausiated, just sickish, yucky feeling. I've actually puked from morning sickness ONE time and that was maybe a week or two ago but other than that I haven't even had morning sickness. So basically I have one symptom, hey I'd just consider yourself lucky!! That's how I feel! Quick question - does anyone know when you get to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time? My next dr.s appt is July 27, I'll be almost 13 weeks, shouldn't I be able to hear it then??


Amy - July 13

Thank you guys you made me feel a lot better I hope everything is fine... I am not sure when you get to hear the heartbeat I thought it was at 8-10 weeks but I could be wrong....



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