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desperate - March 1

I am 10 mths pregnant. I have always thought that abortion is very very very bad but my bf mom doesnt want me to have it she says I am going to ruin my life(i am 19) and maybe my bf too(he is 3o) and I felt sooo sooo bad, when I had this conversation with her I cried and cried for hours..my bf loves me and he says it was a little accident and he is confused but that doesnt mean I have to have an abortion..please ladies help me I need strenght from soon-too-be-moms sO i can feel better..please..all I do is cry I don't want to have an abortion! and my family doesnt know or else they would say to leave my bf and move with her and we will all take care of my baby.


To desperate - March 1

www.mttu.com/main.htm check out this site and go to the top of the page and click on abortion. if the pix on that site don't change your mind i don't know what will.


Heidi - March 1

Don't do it..I did and i cry so much..i regret what I did..God didn't make a mistake..he doesn't make a mistake..I wish that I hadn't made that choice..think about if this is your only chance of having a family..I have been trying with no luck!!!I have to go to the doctor again today after havbing this abortion a year ago..it still affects my body..You increase your chances of getting b___st cancer by 150% when you have an abortion..please don't do it!! I beg!!! It nice to have you're children when you're young also..Remember God would never forsake you!!


tiffani - March 1

I think you meant to say 10 weeks right??? I'm pro-life, so obviously I'm going to say DON'T abort this baby. It is YOUR choice and the meddling "grandmother to be" is ent_tled to her opinion, but needs to stop there. Life is all about choices, and in this case the choice is yours. Don't let anyone guilt you into your decision. If you want to keep the baby, then by all means keep the baby. How does your boyfriend feel about this? I honestly don't think anyones life is going to be ruined by this. Life might be a bit harded, but far from ruined.


desperate - March 1

thank you girls that is why I love this site, everyone is soo supportive, and yes I meant to say 10 weeks sorry..but I want to say again I dont want to have an abortion at all but all this things that she told me hurt me soo much and I even feel bad now for doubting about having an abortion...I am sure she is thinking about her son and not me she loves him soo much and maybe that is why bec. she is nice to me I really app. all your good comments it help be stronger..


Heavenly - March 1

I agree with the ladies. If you want to keep this baby then that's that. Don't even worry about what Grandma wants. You are right...she is only thinking of herself and her son. I guarantee you that if she has a heart in her chest that it will break the minute she sees that baby especially when thinking of what she wanted you to do. I am currently 27 weeks preg. My husband and I tried for almost a year and when finally succeeded had a miscarriage......then to miscarry again a few months later. It was very devasting. I thought that was it, I can't have children which devasted me even more since I had my chance 15 years ago and aborted that child. I have never been the same since that day. I too wish that I would not havemade that decision. That baby deserved a chance at life and I just snatched it away. I can never forgive myself for that. I truely feel blessed that I have this little one in my belly now. I wish you all the luck in the world with your decision. If for some reason you decide not to keep your baby please think about adoption instead. God bless and keep us updated. ((hugs))


to desperate - March 1

what about going to your family since it seems that they would support you in this? would they make you leave your bf? you need to think about you now and the fact that you want this baby. if your family would help you and be supportive and you want this baby, this is your decision, not your bf's mother. stay true to yourself and you will do the right thing.


desperate - March 1

Thank you ladies again, your comments are very very helpful I won't think abortion no more no matter what. I keep telling myself that I am a very lucky woman bec. there is some poor ladies out there who cant have kids and did nothing to deserve that..


Coco - March 1

To desperate, forget mom-in-law , u love him , he loves u ,Voila, what else matters ? U can't please everyone at the same time.Do what U two have to do, it's ur life, ok sweetie ? take care .


to desparate - March 1

i cut and pasted this from another post made by "lovely" i thought youd like to read it.............Once upon a time, a 15 year old girl got pregnant. She was scared out of her mind, because her Catholic parents would disown her, and her 'boyfriend' told her this is NOT what he wanted. (apparently all he 'wanted' was to get off!) Anyway, out of fear, and desperation, she decieded to have an abortion. Because she was only 15, and wasn't old enough to have a licence or drive, she had to take the bus. She told her parents she was going to her friend's house for the week-end and kissed them goodbye. Her 'boyfriend' was no where to be found, so she walked, alone, to the bus stop. As she was walking there, the bus pa__sed her. She ran, but it was too late. She'd have to wait the 20 mins or so, for the next one. In that 20 mins... she began to think about the procedure. What if it hurt? What if... she didn't survive? All sorts of what if's came into her mind, and before the next bus came, she changed her mind. Alone, 15 and pregnant, she chose, all on her own, that this baby inside her was hers. Not her parents. Not her boyfriend's. Hers. And she wanted to love it. I was 15, but not pregnant, when my mom told me that story, as an answer to why my 'father' was not around. I'm almost 30, am married with a child of my own, and one on the way. I'm so glad my mother missed that bus. I'm so glad she felt me inside her, and realized I deserved a chance.


Karen - March 30

The best advice I can give you is to follow your heart. You bf mother did not have one when she was pregnant did she ? You will be the one to live with the consiquences of you chocie not her or anyone else. You have abviously made up your mind in your heart. The baby is a special part of you and sweetheart you are not too young. My mother was 15 going on 16 when she had me. Her life was not ruin. She is a manager in a bank and I just completed my Masters. So things have a way of working out. Just give your baby the love and care it deserves.


Mary - March 30

Desperate - I was in your situation 16 years ago - I know how you are feeling, and I hope I could hug you right now. I ended up having an abortion under the pressure of my inlaws and my then newlywed husband - my parents never knew. I have to tell you, I never got over it, the guilt and the anger of being convinced to give up on my baby was too much and it ended my marriage. Now 16 yrs later I am closing into 40 and do not have a baby yet and want one so very much. If I could change my past that is the one thing I would change, I would have kept my baby. I am pro-choice, but I can tell you ... if you want this baby, you will never forgive yourself for not keeping it. I hope you can make the right decision for you! Strenght!


Sarita - March 30

It's up to you hun. Think of it this way if you wish....if you have the abortion, that is up to you ....but if you have the baby, people will either get "with it" and be happy for you, or they won't. The ones who are with you and your baby will be there for life, the ones who aren't there for you at this important time, aren't really the kind of people you want to be around or have your baby around, correct? Either way, God will provide. Bless you and good luck with your decision Know that no matter your choice, you have the support of millions of women who are faced with these choices as well.


Kathy - March 30

I got pregnant at a young age also. I was 17. I wanted more than anything to keep my child but had a lot of people (mainly my BF fighting me) I was an emotional wreck for the whole 9 months and many months following. I gave my child up for adoption. I have very few regrets of it at this time. I wouldn't have been able to give the child the life I wanted to with me still being in school and working at McD's. I met the parents and knew that they would give him anything he needed and wanted. I just wanted to let you know there are other options out there. People that would give all their love to a child but can't have any. You can have a private adoption like I did where I met them to see if I would feel safe with my child in their care. Be strong hon and things will work out for the best. Abortion is not your only option.


? - March 30



miglena - August 19

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