I Can T See My Vagina Shaving Question

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wondering - August 6

Hi guy's i'm 33 weeks pregnant and I can't see my va___a, When I shave. I like to see when I shave it's driving me crazy. I was just wondering how do u guy's shave without being able to see. and doesn't it drive you crazy?


ah - August 6

This thread was started a few days ago in another question and I will bump it for you..be on the look out for a message at the top of the list..I'll be back with t_tle


ah - August 6

it is the "kinda gross" thread that I bumped at the top of the list...


Becky - August 6

There was a discussion about this in a post t_tled 'Kinda gross, but...' it's bumped up to the top of the list now so you should find it quite easily.


Becky - August 6

Hahaha, I guess were both bored tonight hey 'ah' :P


Dense Underbrush - August 6

a really good mirror and alot of talent maybe lying on your side but knowing there is only 9 wks maximum to go must give you some relief or if it doesn't sound to obscene or kinky , there is always your partner .


C - August 6

I cut the worst part . Partner does the rest :p~~.


Beth S - August 6

I used a hand held mirror. It was always a pain but I couldnt let it grow in


N - August 6

That's when it's time to invest in a brazilian :P


i had a - August 6

willing husband. just so happens he did it the DAY i went to labor. he did an excellent job from what the nurses told me.


E - August 6

I stopped shaving b/c it got too dangerous. I almost cut kitty one day. I am with N - You can get a brazilian wax for the full effect, if you want and shall I say, DARE!! DH said he wants this for his birthday. I told him to go ahead and get one, LMAO!! Of course he meant me...


C - August 6

Believe it or not, hubby is alot more gentle with that than his face --- Why mess up his playground !!!! My hubby has been enlisted. AND --- those new vibrating razors do great. For one the vibration feels good (and for some reason always leads to s_x but that's for another post) and 2ndly it seems to help with the "going against the grain"


Poopy - August 6

and God so loved pregnancy peace that he gave men facial hair to practice for his wifes comfort lol


soleil - August 6

Using a mirror helps, by the end of my pregnancy i really didnt care much about shaving. Required too much energy and patience.



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