I Cannot Stop Crying Since I Found Out I M Pregnant

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Jessica - June 10

Hi, I have a 9 year old son. He is so wonderful. I planned on getting pregnant again, because I realized that I did want another one after all. I didn't expect to be feeling these "feelings" after I found out. I have been crying everyday feeling like my relationship is over between my son and I. Also, everything reminds me of my son when he was a baby. I feel like I can't get into this baby thing. I am depressed, feel like my life is over. Its almost like I've been mourning a loss. I am also afraid I won't love it like my son. That sounds terrible. This baby will be my second one, so I can't imagine you can love another one as much. I am so so so so scared. I can't sleep at night, and I force myself to eat, because my appet_te is not even there. Please tell me this is normal. Thanks so much for any help or advice.


jena - June 10

i am about to have two kids, so since I don't have any yet, i can't give advice based on experience. BUT, i can say that you WILL love your second child as much as your first. many parents say that seems impossible, but it happens. you aren't abnormal to be feeling extra emotional. that's normal. as far as your feeling like your relationship is over with your son - it's not over. It will change.. and things will be just as great - just different because he will be part of a team with his younger sibling. It's okay if everything reminds you of your son as a baby - you are having another baby, so that is normal, but don't worry about it - he will be so happy to be a big brother and it sounds like deep in your heart you want this second child, so all will be wonderful.


Lissi - June 10

I wish I could offer you the wisdom of my experience, but I'm only just having my first. I have heard it's very common for parents to worry that they won't have enough love left for they're second child, but somehow they just do. It's a very normal emotion you're having.


leslie - June 10

My MIL told me that my hubby was unplanned...she had a daughter. so when she found out she was pregnant again..she said she was very confused and scared...scared because she thought there was no way she was going to love my hubby as much as she loved her first daughter..she thought she wasn't going to give her enough attention but then when labor came and she saw hubby's little head come out...she said she felt this incredible love she didn't know she had..she says that a person doesn't know how much love they have..and since then she loves them both very much! Don't worry, I guess you are scared and maybe a llittle depressed..Do you have brothers and sisters? I think its somewhat like that, you can't love one more than the other..you love them both very very much!


Maddie - June 10

Bless your heart. I can understand where your coming from, not from experience though. I'm a soon-to-be first time mom and i've had so many wacky emotions. I see that you are an excellent mother by the immense love that you feel towards your son! This only goes to show how much you love your second child whether you can feel it now or not. How far along are you Jessica?


Jessica - June 10

Hi to all of you! Everytime I read a post you all make me smile. Hi Maddie, I'm 6 weeks along. How about you? You all have made me feel really good. I am having such a hard time with all of this. My son is excited, which makes things a little easier. Again, each and everyone of you are helping me. Thank you! I would love to hear more replies for more experiences. The anxiety inside is too much for me to bear sometimes. Thanks again, Jessica


Maddie - June 11

I'm 39.5 weeks along, and ready to go I might add. I have anxiety too...maybe that's why I haven't gone into labor yet. But, anyway...another thing that might make you a little less aprehensive is the fact that your son will be given one of the greatest gifts from you...a companion for life. Siblings are very special to each other and nearly all "only child's" wish that their parents would have had another kid. Your son is going to have someone to lean on for the rest of his life no matter what happens. =)


dear jessica - June 12

hahah, have to laugh because when your baby is born you will realise that you will love them both and how silly it was to worry. I was worried i would not love the new baby as much as my first child, but all was fine (actually it did take about 24 hours to bond as compared to the instant bonding with first one, but that was probably due to long and difficult labor). The crying is normal hormonal thing. I have two great kids and wouldn't be without either of them! Though it is important to remind friends and relatives to take note of the older child and make a fuss of them instead of only focusing on the new one (adults can be very insensitve to the older child when they are cooing over the new arrival.)


Lissi - June 12

I relation to the last post I have to say there are a lot of people in my family who tend to have "favorites" amoung the children and it really p__ses me off! I'm worried that when I have more children they will favor one more than the others. I remember being made to feel less important than my siblings because I was a girl by many people and I was deeply hurt by it. I don't think people realise how sensitive children can be.


KEEKEE - June 12

I have a 9year old son and a 1 year old. When I found out I was pregnant again, it felt like the first time all over again.All the excitment, scary feelings and joy came all at once. At first I coud believe I was pregnant again. I tried for years.... Then my thoughs kicked in. Can I take care of two kids?? Will I love this baby as much as my first?.......Yes, it is overwheming!!! You will love your second child just as much as your first. It is very normal. Congrats and enjoy your pregnancy!!!!! Good Luck!!!!


Jessica - June 12

Boy, I really needed those last few posts just now. You guys are really helping. I have been crying and worrying so much it is so ridiculous. I really appreciate the rea__surance. I hate so much I have these feelings. I want them to go away so bad. Keep the posts coming. You all have such rea__suring words that are much needed. I am 6 weeks along, and let me say this is going to be a long pregnancy if I don't stop this nonsense. Thanks so much to all.


KEEKEE - June 12

Believe me, it will pa__s. I think its normal. I know how you feel. You get so use to having one child and then pregnancy pop up when you least expect. This may sound crazy. As soon as I found out, I went shopping. I bought some baby stuff. I spoke to my belly. Even give the little guy a name. It made the pregnancy seem more real. It worked for me.......Now I have beautiful 1 year old. Who I can't live without. I love him as much as I love my oldest. Now my oldest has someone he can play with. My 1 year old is grown...heehee....You will see!!!! You will love it!!! Just like me.......Baby Dust!!!!!


to keekee - June 12

Thanks so much! I have so much anxiety. You telling me that is so nice! I've also been off of paxil for about a week and a half. I had been on it for about 4 years. I know my body and mind are having a lot to deal with right now. I feel like everyday I'm going insane, but when I get nice warm encouragement from you and others it helps me so much. I love you all!



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