I Cant Believe This Theres Movement

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KDS - August 14

No ones going to believe this but the other day i was watching tv and eating icecream when BOOM i feel a kicking sensation in my stomach.......what the h__l i havent mist a period, i've been trying to get pregnant but i havent had a single sign. i've put on 8lbs but have not mist a single period. now i have a kicking moving sensation in my stomach....im not even showing.........im at a loss for words can anyone make sense of this i know i cant


Ar - August 13

You are NOT pregnant. You had a pain in your stomach, so what? Deal with it!


Anonny - August 13

Some people on this board really pee me off. I wont mention names Ar!!! Anyway KDS i think maybe you should get checked out at the doctors. My friend went through the same thing, Didnt mis a period then had no weight gain or bump, but felt movement and it turned out that she was infact pregnant.


kellie - August 13

OMG Congratulations first off.....My hubby was one of those babies his mom only gained 5 lbs when prego with him and did not even know she was preg till she delivered him..How weird is that one? You know some people need to keep their negitive comments about other peoples situations off this board i cant stand negitive people like that they need to put themselves in the persons position asking the Q Get over it AR chooes a different att_tude or dont post man...Get a grip and as for you KDS have it checked out you never know you might be brewing a little one that you have been wanting for awhile GOd works in mysterious ways...Good Luck


manda - August 13

I think that you should test. Congrats and good luck


child of one already - August 13

I have been pregnant a couple of times and know that ou don't feel movement until about 4 months along. So if you are indead pregnant you are farther along then you think. I really think you should go to the doctors and get it checked out.


KDS - August 14

hey everyone I went to the doctor today and guess what I was right IM HAVIN A BABY!!! Im so excited its a miracle. I knew as soon as I felt the movement my heart just started to melt......I couldnt be more excited. thanks to all for your feed back and support (except for AR) Im goin to be a mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kellie - August 14

congrats again...i felt my last daughter first move at 13 weeks and this one i am expecting now i did not feel till about weeks everyone is different and this is my 4th and last baby so to say you usually dont feel the baby till 4 months is about right but for everyone it is different when are you due KDS Congrats girl again



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