I Cant Do This Anymore

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JEN - July 7



Melissa - June 28

What do you mean your "alone and no where to go"? Are you homeless?


Sarah - June 29

PRAY!!!!!!!!! ;)


Ca__sandra - June 29

First off, contact your parents or a family member that may be able to help, and then contact the babys' father. Browse the articles here to gather a good idea of what's to come and start preparing. Other than that, I can only wish you luck and good health.


cara - June 29

if you are alone now when the baby gets here you won't be. God has given you a gift whether it be for you and for you to provide a gift to someone else. PRAY!!! GOD is the only one who can truly help you.


Shelly - June 29

Contact Social Services or Planned Parenthood in your area. Thay can help you. What about the baby's father? Do you have any family? Where are you? Keep in touch with us here, we will support you and answer any questions you may have.


Pastor Jones - June 30

Jesus is the answer to your delima. Seek the Lord and all shall be made right for you. If you do not have a church home then might I suggest you visit the nearest Catholic church. The priest there will offer you some comfort.


Heather - June 30

It'll be ok. It is very scary at first. I am 24 and unwed with a very Catholic family. You just need to focus on you and your baby's health. There is wonderful information at this web site. Visit your Ob/Gyn or your local planned parenthood and they will help you get started. Telling the family is the hard part, the baby.. well that isn't so bad) I am enjoying being pregnant very much.


kesha - July 7

just hang in there hunny, it will get better for you if you have enough heart to care enough to ask your help, then your a strong women, so just pray and hold your head up, and dont be afraid to tell someone, there's people out there that will help you if you ask, take good care of your self and i'll pray for you and your baby!!!



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