I Could Be Pregnant Does Anyone Know

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clarebear - June 27

hi, im new here and i was wondering if anyone knew how likely it is for me to have gotten pregnant if i stopped taking my birth control about a month ago, and he didnt use a condom... if you have any advice or comments that would be really great! thanks! ~*~Clare~*~


Gena - June 27

I have 2 friends that have gotten pregnant only a month after going off the pill. It took me a long time after going off of it b/c I had PCOS and didn't know it at the time. So they both went off of it thinking they would have the same problems as me. A lot of people say that it will take a while after going off of it. But that's not always true. Good luck if you're trying!!


clarebear - June 27

ok thank you for your comment! i really appreciate it! im not trying to get pregnant actually im 18 and i think my parents might kill me! lol... i just hope im not, we normally use a condom but we didnt have one last time. thank you for your post!


Rhonda - June 27

They say you are more fertile for a short time after stopping bcp.


clarebear - June 27

oh really? thats interesting, i hadnt heard that. thank you for your input! i appreciate it!


Rhonda - June 27

Some women become pregnant within a week or two after stopping the pill.And alot of women say they got pregnant aroungd six months after stopping the pill.


clarebear - June 27

wow ok thanks....do you or any one else know if chances of getting pregnant increase if you have s_x in water? i know that sounds kinda silly but i was just wondering if it made a difference?


Rhonda - June 27

I dont think it would increase your chances any,but im not certain of that,but i really doubt it.


snugglybugglys - June 28

I got prego 2 weeks after stopping BC pill. Good luck! :)


clare - June 28

hiya clarebear i stopped taking the pill in nov and got preg beginning of dec so it is very possible. some peoples bodies get it out of the system before others.


sfrias - June 28

Did you have s_x around your fertile days?


Natashasmomma - June 28

I got pregnant on the pill with my daughter, so yes it is possible.



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