I Didn T Have Sex Can I Get Pregnant

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Cindy - August 30

I was with my boyfriend and I was laying on top of him. I only had my underwear on and he only had his boxers on. He didn't ejaculate and I was only on top of him for about 2 minutes. Is there a posibility that I can get pregnant??


no - August 24

I HIGHLY doubt you are. Calm down. Pre c_m can get you pregnant, but if u gusy both had a piece of clothing on i doubt it go through enough to make u pregnant


Alli - August 25

erm, no...


Lord - August 25

Cindy,you're toooo paranoid. The possibility of you getting pregnant is like less than 0.001% if you were only laying on top of him and not riding him or anything.


duh - August 26



SaRaH - August 26

Cindy it is probally best that you get on some form of birth control if you are planning to have s_x. If you are laying on top of boys and and doing things in a s_xual way you should protect yourself before you do end up pregnant. Be careful!!


... - August 26

duh, have YOU not had s_x ed? lol you can get pregnant from not having s_x if any s____n is on or around the v____a there IS a chance, although extremely slim.So stop trying to be a know-it-all, dumba__s.


Vicky - August 26

Cindy: No, you can't be pregnant. You actually have to have intercourse to become pregnant which means you have to actually have the p___s in your v____a. Note, you can get pregnant from pre-ejaculation s____n though- if the p___s is inside you. This is how it works- The sperm actually uses the wetness from the woman's v____a to swim/transport themselves upward into the fallopian tubes. The egg is actually fertilized in the fallopian tubes and then travels downward to attach itself to the endometrian wall which is called the uteran lining. If it does not attach then you have your period and are not pregnant. Stop worry but I would suggest getting on birth control because you have gone a little far already if you never intend to actually have s_x! Better safe than sorry if you do not wish to become pregnant.


Amy - August 26

Vicky, very well said. Just to reiterate Vicky's point- You must have intercourse to become pregnant and sorry to the person who posted in response to Duh- You need to read up because I think you have been misinformed and you are worrying this poor girl with your lack of knowledge.


Vicky - August 26

Cindy: An Addition to my last comment- If the egg is fertilized in the fallopian tubes but does not attach itself in the uteran wall it is possible to have a tubal pregnancy which is very dangerous. A tubal pregnancy is when the egg does not travel downward after being fertilized. It stays in the fallopian tubes and begins to develope. HCG levels will show a pregnancy whether it is a normal pregnancy(in the uterus) or a tubal pregnancy. Be careful!


Angela - August 26

Cindy, it's good that you are concerned because a baby is a huge responsiblity. I doubt that you are pregnant, but be aware of the reality that you feel right now and get on some sort of birth control. If you're this scared, you're not ready to be a mom, protect yourself, educate yourself and take care of you and your body!!!! BE SAFE!!!!


Jess - August 26

While Vicky's response is accurate. A woman can still get pregnant without having intercourse (or the p___s entering the v____a) if the man was to ejactulate on or around the v____a opening. While the chances of getting pregnant without intercourse is greatly reduced, it is not an impossibility, since sperm are capable of swimming long distances to reach the egg. There is sperm in both s____n and pre-ejactulate. However in your case Cindy, since you and your boyfriend had clothes on, the posssibility of becoming pregnant is practically non-existence. If you are not wanting to become pregnant, I would suggest using some form of birth control if you are going to be engaging yourself in s_xual intercourse. I hope this helps.


Natalie - August 26

Hello Cindy. Vicky's response is correct. You must have intercourse to become pregnant. Sperm cannot live outside of the body and must have the mucus from the woman's v____a to swim towards the egg. I also would suggest birth control and don't count on your boyfriend to wear a condom because you truly should use both, the pill and condom to be 100% safe. Condoms do also protect against STD's and AIDS!


Tara - August 26

You must have s_x to become pregnant. That means the male pendage must enter the female's body. Keep in mind that the male does not have to fully ejaculate for you to become pregnant. You can become pregnant via pre-ejaculation which is just a small leak of s____n (males can pre-ejaculate just by getting s_xually excited or aroused) but pre-ejaculation must still happen inside your body for you to become pregnant. Pre-ejaculation or ejaculation can happen outside or around the v____a however, sperm cannot live outside the body. You should really consider birth control and more than one kind at once for you have already crossed a line and most young girls do not cross that line unless they intent to have intercourse.


LindaK - August 26

Not likely. However, if three guys show up on your doorstep and tell you that they've been following a star in the East, you might want to get that pregnancy test done, just for the hell of it (just kidding).


Lisa - August 26

No, you cannot get pregnant that way. Cindy I am concerned about you though and feel you need to find an informed female figure to discuss the birds and the bees with (all kidding aside). If you don't know of a female, check your local phone book to see if you have a family planning clinic or free health clinic. These facilities are typically free especially if you do not have any income and can a__sist you will s_x education including safe s_x and information on how one gets pregnant, Pregnancy/STD/HIV testing. If you don't want to do that either, please see a doctor for information and keep ALL your clothes on until you get the information you need to make an informed decision about what you are and aren't doing with your boyfriend. What you are doing is an ADULT decision with serious ramification so you should want to be informed before you continue or go any further with these types of activities. Good luck.


Katie - August 27

Some people on here are WRONG. It IS possible to get pregnant without actually having intercourse.................... 1) If a boy releases himself onto your v____a or near it.................... 2) If a boy puts his p___s on or near your v____a (could tranfer pre c_m to your v____a).................... Just make sure that your boyfriend DOES NOT ever put his p___s anywhere near your v____a unless he has a condom on and DO NOT let him release onto your private parts.



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