I Didnt Think It Could Be Possible

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TiffanyAnn - February 8

I am 31 weeks pregnant and when i first found out i knew right away, yesterday my sister found out she was pregnant and she is 35 weeks and she said she didnt know do u think it is possible to be that far along and not know?


tiffani - February 8

NO WAY! I think any woman who claims to be unaware that she is pregnant at 35 weeks is lying to you and herself.


PP - February 8

It is possible. First question did you notice any changes in her bady? Next I will tell you that from personal experience I have seen it happen more than once. I work in the medical field and it happens more than you know. Next is your sister heavy or overweight? How did she finally find out. And yes she may have had bleeding similar to a menstrual cycle throughout her pregnancy.


yep - February 8

yea i heard of it happening and also my uncles girlfried didnt know she was pregnant then her stomach started hurting...so she thought it was really bad constipation...but anyway she had the baby in the bathroom


Judi - February 10

I was talking to a woman at her yard sale the other day, and she said she didn't know she was pregnant until she was 32 weeks and her husband felt the baby roll over in her stomach. She was obese, however, I am obese as well and I knew I was pregnant the first time a week before my period was due, and the second time I knew three days after conception.


Michelle - February 10

I have a guy friend who's a widower now, but his wife at the time didn't know she was pregnant until she went into the hospital and delivered. She just had unbarable cramps (labor pains) and thought something was wrong. She never missed a period, no other symptoms, not overweight and didn't gain a noticiable amount of weight. She and hubby were clueless. But that little girl despite the circ_mstances (because if you don't know, you could do harm) is so smart and gifted. She was potty trained before she was a year old, she walked at 9 months, she is 4 now, but wil talk to you like you are talking to an adult. She is amazing.



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