I Don T Really Feel Pregnant Anymore

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Lucky1 - January 3

Hi, I am in the vey early stages of my first pregnancy. I had pregnancy symptoms for about 2 weeks and so I took a HPT on Wednesday and got a faint pos. line. Took a test again on Sunday (yesterday) and it positive. Not faint, but completely positive. I haven't missed my period yet, I am on a 35day cycle and my LMP was Dec. 2nd. Well, I don't really feel pregnant, my br___t are extremely sore (10X more than PMS) but thats it. I don't get nausious, I get really tired but it's like I have insomnia cause I just lay there. I get mild but sporadic cramps throughout the day. I don't see these pregnancy signs anywhere. My doc says that If the test said Pos. then I'm preg, so they made may appt for 8wks (LMP), Feb. 1st. Any one have advice, I don't know what this means....


Syd - January 3

Hi lucky1. Congrats on the pregnancy! I am not due for my period yet either, I don't dare take a test, I am afraid of the negative. I have had many promising signs, but like you, every day I do not 'feel pregnant'. I would say that if your b___sts are really sore, and you are tired, and you are having cramping, that they are still promising. What were your first signs? How early could you tell? Did your symptoms ever fade at all? Please help! Thanks so much! :)


kim - January 3

Hello. I Had no syptoms with my first son who turned 6 today..None at all I felt great the whole 9 months. This is our first month ttc actually last month was but I am due for af tomorrow and have had cramping, gas back aches head aches sore b___bs on and off. and sometimes feel like im gonna through up.. All seems like positive symptoms but im statring to think af is on the way.. What a p__ser. I am going to be so bummed if it comes. I have been trying not to get my hopes up but it is hard. I took a test a few days ago but i think it was to soon.. Symptoms may fade everyone is different if you are feeling good enjoy it a may not last.


Lucky1 - January 4

Syd, My fiirst signs were cramps, and sore b___sts. My b___st got sore two weeks ago, that's not the norm when AF is coming. Normally they would get sore about 4 days before it shows up. Also I was having weird cravings, and I could just feel something going on. I know it sounds crazy but I could tell that something was different. Also I got constipated (still am). Those were all my signs. actually, I still have a lot of those symptoms..... I just realized that. I guess not having the typical morning (noon or night) sickness is throwing me off. Also, my stomach is still flat so I guess that's why I don't feel preg...... I guess I just need to stop worrying!!!


Lucky1 - January 4

Good Luck Kim, I hope AF doesn't show up for you, I'll keep my fingers crossed.



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