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I don't understand - May 17

ok, maybe no one is going to answer my question or think its dumb but I hear about young grils(13, up) been pregnant and we(people) get alarmed..even when I tell people i am pregnant(19) they are like aren't you too young? I hate it but then I think...WHY WOULD GOD/NATURE GIVE THEM THE BODY TO REPRODUCE?? WHY DO WE GET OUR PERIOD SO YOUNG? maybe we were meant to have kids young like they used to do100 years ago? nature works soo perfect in everything..anyone else wonders about the same thing??


April - May 17

People get alarmed because girls shouldn't be having s_x at 13. Therefore shouldn't be getting pregnant. Back when people used to have kids young they were married at 15. They don't do that anymore. People shouldn't be in such a hurry to grow up. They should slow down and enjoy life. There's plenty of time for s_x and all that comes with it later.


monica - May 17

I agree with april 100%. Girls need to get their careers going first and then think about marriage and a family. Go to school, enjoy life, be a kid.


Raye Lynn - May 17

Girls are going into puberty much earlier now than they did 100 or so years ago. This is not nature/ God, this is Growth Hormones and other additives added to our food as preservatives. I have heard of a girl getting pregnant at 9 years old. Thats certainly not nature. In addition, our societies has changed from 100 years ago. Their life spans were VERY short back then, so 15 was not young in comparison to now. In some places, this was considered near middle age. Things have certainly changed. Hope this helps.


do you understand - May 18

Your body might be mature enough to have baby at 15. But are you ready to take on FULL responsibility raising a child, mentally & financially ? Where would you get the money to buy diapers, toys, etc. How about if the baby gets sick, and needs a doctor, do you have insurance ? Can you handle all these without expecting other people help, while you're still in high school?


Jbear - May 18

I guess no one noticed that the girl who asked the question said she's 19. When you're an adult (18 and up) I think it's a question of your personal maturity. If you're younger than that, then there's the burden the pregnancy puts on your growing body, fragile emotional state, and on your parents. I would have been mature enough at 19 to have a baby, but not all 19 year olds I've known are that mature. To the girl who asked the question, don't worry about what people think. No matter what your age, there are always people who think you shouldn't have a child for some reason, marital status, financial situation, weight, etc...If we all waited until everyone thought we were ready to have a baby, the human race would be extinct now.


I don't understand - May 18

Thank you everyone, thanks jbear..I actuall feel very mature to take care of a child, at least much more mature than some 30 year old's.I think that maturity has nothing to do with age..well not really..and to "do you understand" I do get your point but then I also think that back then they used cloth dipers, toys were made( and i think they were much cooler!) and insurance did not existed at that time..i don't think...sorry if I am wrong :O I think I should just drop it..When I wronte this question I was very intrigued (sp) to know why would nature/God give young grils the body to reproduce when in society they are still kids...makes no sense..


Syn - May 18

to I don't understand. I know what u mean. its an intresting question. ( mind u i don't believe in the same god but still). I am 21 and i always felt more mature then other people my age. As for monica y should girls have to worry about a career. I didn't and still don't. I never wanted to work. I wanted to be a stay at home mom. and i am going to be. also I am pretty sure that they were getting married a lot yonger then 15. and having kids. even now in some places they are married at 12 and having babys.


monica - May 18

you can get a career and then be a stay home mom. If I ever have a daughter I would want her to travel and see the world before settling down.


I don't understand - May 18

Synn I totally agree with you even with the why study if we want to be stay-at home moms..this doesn't mean I am not ambitious I am but I have been raized to be a house wive..and I like that, and I know a lot of guys who look for this kind of wives too! I know a lot of guys who say they want a woman to take care of the house not to be traveling everywhere...anyway that is a totally different subject...going back to my point and like I said I don't think that nature been so perfect would make little girls have baby unless they are capable of..


kl - May 18

you wanna compare today to 100 years ago? do you still take baths in creeks? do you still light your home with lanterns? do you still walk 8 miles to the "mercantile"? etc etc. good lord, EVOLVE! 19 is old enough for some, not NEAR old enough for others. i'm thinking you aren't really 19, or you wouldn't be defending the 13 year olds. nice try little girl.


I don't understand - May 18

well Kl I am not defending s13 year old I just wonder WONDER why nature give the body to reproduce to young girls when kids are not supposed to have kids!! and I think that if I had lived 100 years ago it would had been better quality of life for me and my kids...less stressed..walking everywhere would had been nice..and exersising instead of using cars to go around the corner, there is people that now days takes showers in the rivers I have seen it and I have been tempted to do also since it looks soo good, I would love having a vegetable garden to cook my own food, if there was no electricity it would be bad in some ways but then also people would enjoy their time more going outside for walks, reading books, playing in the nature. like you said etc. etc. etc. this is just my opinion.


c - May 18

100 years ago, people were taught to fend for themselves. Kids weren't "babied" as much as nowdays. And kids depend on their parents far longer than 100 years ago.


Kaz - May 18

In some countries and tribes is still natural/normal to have babies so young. Our life expectancy has increased a heck of a lot over time. An average lifespan would be 35yrs and noone ever heard of menopause because noone lived long enough. In my opinion 13 is too young, the body may be developed and capable enough but it's not finished maturing. Who knows, this could've contributed to the short life expectency so many years ago. You can't bake a cake without all the ingredients yeah? So maybe a 13 yr/old doesn't quite have all it takes to produce a genetically complete baby.


geri - September 12

well, you are pregnant now so don't worry about waht people say..tell them to shut up..but your energy now needs to be focused on growing up really fast..that has got to be hard having a baby at 19..i was 24 with my first..but my friend did it at 19 and everyone is fine and happy 10 yrs later


Lisa - To I don't understand - September 12

Back when women were having children at 13 years of age; they were also running their own households looking after everything to deal with everyday life from servants/slaves (if they were rich enough) and the daily upkeep of their home while the husband worked. In an age with no medical expertise where you could die from a common cold and there existed the plague, small pox, yellow fever and everything to polio and lice was the norm and they treated you by bleeding (with leeches) it really is safe to say if you lived to the age of 35 you were doing quite well. They also used to shut women up before birth for a month of two in an enclosed dark room with the windows boarded before they had their babies. Having babies at 13 years of age today is crazy. Women don't have the same mindset as they did back in the age you were talking about and they are not nearly mature enough to handle the responsibility. Most women I know from highschool were pregnant right after from their high school sweetheart and some did not go to university (even though they had full scholarships!) because they were pregnant, and most are very upset with them selves now that they did that and did not wait. 13 is too young.


soran - September 21




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