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soran - September 21



Backwards - September 21

In my opinion we are doing everything backwards these days. Our society has placed a huge emphasis on educating women. In my case I finished college, got married and then had babies. Now I am a stay at home mom with $30,000.00 in student loan debt. I had a great job but wanted to stay home and take care of my children. So now when my children are school age I can go back out into the workforce with a degree but no job experience because I have been home for 6 years. This happened to my sister as well. She has a masters and can't get a job because she stayed home for 7 years to raise her kids. I swear we are doing it backwards. Have your kids then go to school then get the job. As far as the original subject of this thread we were made to produce early in primitive times but as time progressed women have been waiting until later in life to reproduce. Teens are too young and I for one would want my own daughter to be ready for a family and have fun first. Kids do grow up way too fast.


I don't understand - September 21

I kind of agree with you backwards..... I am going to be a young mom, I am 19, I did wanted kids young! so that is good. I didn't went to university b/c I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom...if in the future I want to work or I really need to for some reason i will. when its time for my kid to go to school, I will go too. I guess we all have different opinions so far I things are looking good.. Maybe it really depnends on how mature you are more than 'how old'


... - September 21

children are getting their periods at younger ages b/c of environmental factors. it doesn't mean they're meant to get preggo , but that's a good question.


... - September 21

kl you suck! she is asking a very interesting question. nowhere does it say that she is defending a 13 yr old getting pregnant. she was just curious why it was possible. stop trying to start a fight where it is totally not necessary.


twist - September 21

"I don't understand", obviously you are a housewife, me too. Call me crazy but I love it! So, for you there is no problem really with financial security and having to go out and get a college degree. Having kids young means you will have time for that later if you want to, and to travel. 19 is definitely old enough, there are people twice your age with half your maturity, it all depends on the individual. I knew a girl who had her baby at 15, and ended up being a single mother because the dad was abusive. She was the best Mom, and her little girl was so sweet and well-behaved, plus she started going to school after breaking up with the dad. I was really impressed with her responsible att_tude, although I don't think all young girls would cope so well. Age is a number, I found that out pretty quick when I met my husband and he was 18 while I was 26. Now he is going to be a 21 year old dad and is so excited. Other people have more of an issue with our age difference than we do, I don't even think about it until others mention it because he seems so much older than 21 in his actions and thoughts. As for 13 years olds getting pregnant, I think most people on here have answered that already. Most girls at that age in western society just don't have the maturity that they were expected to have 100 years ago. Unfortunately nature doesn't always change to keep up with society, and maybe these young girls have some basic urge built-in from those times that leads them to have s_x at 13. By the way, I would LOVE to have solar electricity, a river to bathe in, and a horse and cart to provide manure for my vege garden. Call me crazy!


- September 21

the state that im from its very normal for younger girls to get married and have kids right out of high school. i was 18 when i got married and 19 when i had my son. now im 22 and pregnant with #2 but to me 13 is very young. i dont know what i would have done if i had a kid that young. but good luck to u



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