I Don T Want To Look Like A Toothpick With 2 Ballons

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elizzabeth-concerned - February 23

its me again.. i guess I have too many concerns.. but you guys are very helpful..my concern is that I weight 115 pounds, i am 5' 6 and I am 34D this has always been a weird situation because people always stares at me weird...most of the time I am ok with it..but some other times I just get stressed with the people...well now that I am pregnant(8 weeks) I think that they are growing more bec. I had to buy some bras, they measured me in the store and now I am double D! I just don't want to look like a toothpick with 2 ballons!! Do you guys think they are going to grow more??


Lyn - February 23

Just think your belly is going to grow with them as well and they wont look so outta place then.. I was 138lbs when I got pregnant and I wore a 34D and I am 5'7 and I got the same stares. But now that I am 30 weeks and am into the bigger bras i dont get that many stares because I have a belly to match! Let them stare and be proud of what god gave ya~ some people arent as blessed


Ashley - February 23

Every ones body is different.


P - February 24

Had the same thing happen here. Mind you, I'm no toothpick by any stretch of the imagination! The belly will outgrow the b___bs before long though! I have a friend who likes to monitor the growth of my b___bs and she informed me the other day that I don't look so "b___by" anymore. lol She's what we call "special". Not in the handicapped way, the ditzy way ok? Don't anyone jump down my throat. You'll look great, you'll see.


Jamie - February 25

I'm in the same boat - pre-pregnancy weight of 110, 5'3, WAS 34B; now I'm 34D, but only 113 - so I'm all b___b, too. Hubby loves it, I'm not so sure...lol


kk - February 25

Well I rather be in your shoes when I first got preg. I started out 5/6 in height and 140lbs with 36D b___st that didn't bother me but when I was 9 months I was 226lbs and I guess a size Z if they are prone to grow they will and you cant stop them.



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