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Japanese Woman - October 19

I am pregnant now. I am Japanese, my bf is american. we have been together since 2007 Aug. yes over a year. I found out 3 days ago I am pregnant and told my bf. he hurt me a lot. its not right time now. find a doctor and take obortion. he said just give up.but I will be there for you and get thorough this time, our relationship will be more stronger he said. I know if i lose our baby, i will lose him someday. cuz we both get hurt and I will get hurt my body too. now I told him i will be a single mother. he said no support, if baby grew up and asked about father, just tell kid your dad is somewhere in overseas. I've heard a lot of like this happen in here Okinawa, Japan. now I am going to be part of them...I just wish my bf change his mind...


freeflyingangel - October 19

YOu have to do what you think is right and is best for you. If your bf is saying this to you now do you really want to be with him and attempt a relationship with him if he doesnt want to respect your wishes to have a baby and raise a baby?. Its your choice and your baby and if you keep you a very very special and caring women and deserve the joys of having a baby. Do not think because you will be like all those others mothers that you are a lesser person because your not. Your special and your baby is special and makes the most of your life... all the best to you... :)


Japanese Woman - November 3

freeflyingangel, Thank you so much your comment. im in hard time now. things were changed to good way after me and him went to see a doctor and he saw our baby's photo. it had been okay for us. but since last a couple days i think, we argue a lot with very small reason. its really childrish thing. and last night, he was so mad at me and freak out. he kept saying who is the baby's father. tell me his name!! he checked my cell phone(text, receiving and out going call too) and my email of computer. he was trying to find something. i hide anything to him. he tried to kick me out and spit the words." You, get out of my life forevor. i am tired of deal with. i still cant believe what he said last night. he was caring me and baby a lot since we met a doctor. he cry a lot when he saw baby's photo. and not he changed again. we told everybody (INCL company) im pregnant and getting marry. he is US military. so need to do a lot of paper work. everybody said to me "congratulations" his commander too. now how can I say to everybody he went to crazy and not going to marry. i still love my little baby. i do care my baby....



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