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Amy - October 5

Ok sorry to bring up circ_msision coz i know it causes arguements but im 17 years old and i just dont get it!! I dont understand what its for whats the point of it and why someone would want their baby circ_msized? Whats the difference in the look of a guys p__s aswell i mean does it look a whole lot different? Can anyone give me some info please i feel a little embarassed about asking all this stuff coz i should probably know but i just dont sorry and thanks.


Lisa - October 5

Yes, there is a very big difference between circ_msized and natural...I've personally seen them both and I prefer my man to be snipped. If I have a boy, I am getting him snipped.


Jamie - October 5

There's a huge difference. I personally think it's his body, his choice, and so would like to leaver my son intact. My husband disagrees...fortunately, we've only got a girl at the moment.


Amy - October 5

Thanks for the replies but whats the point in it? thats what i dont understand whats it done for?


lex - October 5

its to remove the foreskin


hmm - October 5

apparently removing the foreskin helps ward off infection...but I am not sure this is true...all the men in my family are not and have never had problems. It really started as a religious thing (in the Bible). And now, since that is what most men do, it looks more natural to the eye...but it's ironic because it is not natural.


Bonnie - October 5

There are some benefits to doing it, but they are very small. For example, a circ_mcised p___s has a lower risk of a urinary tract infection, but an uncirc_mcised p___s still has less than a 1% chance. It used to be a lot more common to circ_mcise the p___s in the US but today (while it is still done more often than it is not), those numbers are dropping. It used to be believed to have much more of a medical benefit than what it does, but today they know different. At this time the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)does NOT recommend having it done. The main two reasons that people decide to circ_mcise their child is either religious reasons or social reasons. There are a lot of misconceptions that people have (i.e., believing it to be more clean or healthy) which are not true. So a lot of people have it done because of not really knowing enough about it. The social reason one might choose to do this is simply more men are circ_mcised than not in the US. Many parents worry about their son being teased in the locker room (though with the number dropping it is not such a big deal). And to be honest, it's all most of have ever known. Though this is really only very common in the US. Most other countries do NOT routinely do this except for religous purposes. Therefore, when you ask about one's opinion on a US based site, more people are for it as it is generally all they have ever known, if you ask for opinions on a UK based Web site, people are horrified about it (thus, the strong feelings). My suggestion for you is to read up on it so that you can make your own informed decision on it based by facts and not other people's opinions (or heresay). The AAP's Web site is... http://www.aap.org/healthtopics/Stages.cfm#inf .............Good luck!


Amy - October 5

Thanks bonnie and everyone else. Im actually from the uk which i guess is why im a bit confused as to why it seems such a big deal. Im not pregnant or anything but my friend is and we have been on this site, its been very helpful for her but i saw a thread about circ_msision and neither of us understood all the fuss. Anyway thanks everyone i guess its not something she needs to think about being in the uk.


Bonnie - October 5

Yep, that's why the confusion. It doesn't get done in the UK except for religous reasons. The problem here in the US is that it has been so common for so long it's all most people really know. People truely believe that it's gross, unsanitary, unhealthy, etc etc to not circ_mcise. When in fact those reasons are not true, it's just that because we are so used to seeing a circ_mcised p___s that it is a little, well...freaky to see a normal uncirc_mcised one. And if you try to explain to a lot of women here that they are just simply uneducated about this issue, well, we tend to get a little insulted and vocal about it here, lol. The fact is, I always thought uncirc_mcised p___s's were gross and unsanitary because growing up, of course all my boyfriends were circ_mcised. But then I met my hubby who is from Scotland, and well....I had to adjust a bit. I mean, I wasn't gonna dump the guy because his p___s looked different, lol. Of course him being from the UK, he feels very strongly about us NOT circ_mcising (heck, I never even knew that most of the world is uncirc_mcised and that this is mainly a U.S. thing, what a shocker to me). After doing a little research on my own, I just can't find any real reason to do it other than he may look a little different in the locker room. But in truth, the whole practice now seems a little barbaric to me, I just simply didn't know any better before. And now that I see that the AAP does NOT recommend it and that a lot of parents are now choosing not to circ_mcise, I am not so worried about the locker references. But being a U.S. citizen and growing up thinking circ_mcision is normal, I can't really fault anyone for wanting to snip their little boys at this time. I only get frustrated when someone prints faults information because they are uneducated. At this point in time, because things are only now just beginning to change, I can understand the social reasons why it gets done over here. And because this Web site has many people from both the U.S. and the U.K on here, you will see some very strong opinions.


Bonnie - October 5

P.S. When the p___s is flacid there is a huge difference in how it looks as there is no foreskin. When it is erect, there is still a difference but it is barely noticible. Your best bet would be to look up some pics on the Web.


AL - October 5

There is a physical difference; with it, there is just the p___s. Without it, the p___s has a full covering over it. Most people these days do it for health reasons, because despite the debate, it IS healthier and comes with less risk of infection both now and later. Let me tell you, it's also a great ha__sle trying to teach your three year old how to clean his p___s skin. I know someone who HATED his foreskin and had it removed as an adult; he was in so much pain. Just do it for them now. It's not a big deal, but it is healthier.


Bonnie - October 5

This is what I mean, people really just make statements without really knowing. Is it healthier? Very slightly. But an uncirc_mcised p___s still has less than a 1% chance of problems, which is why it is not recommended except for specific case by case basis's. As far as cleanliness, sorry, ha__sle or not I would hope most people would be teaching their child (either s_x) how to clean all body parts. While there are some extremely small health benefits, to say that is a major reason is innacurate. Because of my hubby's cultural differences with me I have done some serious looking into this and there is no scientific evidence anywhere that this is a medical necessity and it is not recommended. If you choose to do it for social reasons, no problem, but claim the reason as what it is not what you think it is. If Amy's friend were to circ_mcise her baby in the UK he wouldhave those same (if not more) locker room issues because it is not routinely done over there.


hello - October 5

It's NOT healthier! A p___s needs to be washed well regularly and one with foreskin is cleaned no differently.


Web sites - October 5

http://www.fathermag.com/health/circ/ ................... http://www.circ_mcision.org/ ............. http://www.fathermag.com/health/circ/circ_mcision/ ........... http://www.aap.org/healthtopics/Stages.cfm#inf



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