I Dont Want My Baby

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kate - September 3

i am pregant but do not want the baby because i am not ready and this is an accident...what do i do..? i cant have this baby


Beth - June 15

Give this baby up for adoption. Why can't you have this baby?


D.M.M. - June 15

Beth had said she can't have the baby. If she gives birth, that means she has had the baby. Your past answer didn't make any sence. It depends how far you are in your pregnancy and your situation.There is another option which I don't know if your comfortable with. It means having the egg removed. I've had to do that once. I have 2 children going on my third. I haven't regret the procedure at all.


syble - June 15

You can have this baby. Very young (and old) women have been having babies since the beginning of time. You have just been trained to believe that if you are not in the ideal situation, or at the "ideal" age, that you "can't" do it. YOu can, and you should. This baby and the experience of having it, whether you keep it or give it up for adoption, will both be enormous blessings to you. Don't rob yourself of that.


kate - June 15

thnx 4 ur help, im 19 at the moment, still in education at uni..im 1-2months pregnant now..the reason i dnt want this baby is because my family is quite strict so if they finds out it would kill me..i dont have any suport 4 a baby at the mo..so i dnt wan 2 have it n not able to take care of it..it wnt be fair


syble - June 15

Hi Kate, If you are responsible enough to be a college student, you are responsible enough to have a baby. The odds seem insurmountable right now, but you can pull through this, complete school, and have a child (whether you keep it or not). The world tries to convince women that choosing to have a baby in less-than-perfect circ_mstances is somehow selfish and unfair to the baby -- that women who have babies young are unitelligent and pathetic. Don't listen to the world, and don't let such ideas overpower your deep desire to keep this baby. Remember, perfect circ_mstances do not exist, and it is entirely possible to be a strong, smart, educated single mother. If you choose to end your baby's life, you will come to regret it, but you will never regret giving him or her the gift of life. And don't worry about your parents; they are the least of your concerns. As a mother, your only concern is you and your baby. Please feel free to email me personally if you'd like to talk more: [email protected] If you're interested, I'll give you the lowdown on my personal experience in a situation very similar to yours.


Laura - June 16

Kate, I am know that I do not know the whole story but from someone who has had both and abortion and adoption, I feel adoption was the best choice. I am sure that you are scared and over whelmed. But before you make your desicion please look at everything and the emotions that come it. My e-mail is [email protected] e-mail if you would like to talk I have been there!


jackie - June 18

i agree with syble. i'm 20, and 39 weeks pregnant right now. i am keeping my child but i totally agree with withthing Syble told you. i was 19 when i found out still in school etc... afraid of telling my mother, for the fear of hurting her, but she wasnt even mad she was happy (but the doctor also told us i probably couldnt have kids, thats prob y she wasnt so mad as i expected) but she didnt want me to become a mother so young in life. but i'm happy with my decision, and so is my boyfriend.


Tara - June 19

Kate, My sister was in a situation very close to yours. She was 17, my parents were very strict christians and she wasn't married. She contemplated abortion, due to fear of my parents. Finally she talked with them and although they were disappointed, they weren't as hard on her as she thought they would be. She had the baby and gave it up to my parents, which is what they wanted. That was 10 years ago and now my parents are raising him. He has lived with them since birth. My husband's mother hid her pregnancy and gave him up in a closed adoption. He ended up growing up in a very loving and caring environment. His biological mother refuses to acknowledge him because he is a big "secret". There are many people out there who can not have children and would love to raise yours. I would suggest that you talk with your parents and let them know what is going on. If you aren't ready for a child, tell them that you are going to give it up for adoption. You can do an open adoption where you can maintain a relationship with your child and still get to see him/her. Whatever decision you decide on, I wish you the best of luck. My personal belief is that if God didn't have a purpose for this child, he would not have let you get pregnant. Maybe this child was meant to fill a void in a couple's life who can't have children of their own, or to help you and your family grow closer together.


michelle - June 21

Is there a such thing as a 72 hour pill? take after s_x if he c_ms in you and take a pill before 72 hours and you wont get pregnant?


Mary - June 21

Kate, I definitely can't say I have been in your situation, but I have been on the opposite end. I am currently 30 weeks into my third pregnancy. It took me 7 years of trying to get pregnant the first time and the second time ended in a miscarriage at 12 weeks. I know how hard it is for people who struggle to have children. My sister definitely can't have children at all and has the biggest heart. There are many people like my sister who would give anything to be in your shoes. Consider the gift you could give to another before doing anything rash. Atleast with an open adoption you could get pictures and letters about your child growing up. Eventually, your child can get to know you and still grow up in a happy environment. Feel free to email me at [email protected] If adoption is the route you chose my sister would give anything to help you.


d.s.n - June 23

Hey! well you should think about the mental aspects of the baby being away frm you. if you did the deed then you take care of ya seed. having a child can be a burden to some and a blessing to others so if you feel it will be in the best intrest for you to give up the baby rather than to keep it give it up


gt - June 24

i would say that my baby is the best thing that has ever happened to me, although i wasn't happy about being pregnant at first, don't do this mistake that you might regret all your life, many people would do anything and would pay anything to have a baby and they can't


glaistig - June 27

hello kate...i am 23; i have a two year old...you can't give a perfect little angel away after you have you have come to know it...my advice to you is to think about what you want to do with your life and what will be best for your child...we were kicked out of our home by my daughters father when she was nine months...listen to your gut instints, use your head to think through all the possibilities (you have some months), then as hard as it may be (and the right decisions can be the most difficult ones, especially if it includes a goodye)make the right decision for you and for your baby...adoption is something i wish i would have thought about, however as much as my heart aches sometimes, i can't imagine life without my little angel...be smart, you know what the right thing is, you know...don't let your emotions cloud your judgement, and dont let other people tell you what is in your best interest, because you already know what it is you just have to realize it...best wishes to you and your little angel


Amanda - June 29

HI, I was in your footsteps a year ago when I found out I was pregnant.My parents are really stricked.And I was single.But I told them, They were mad at first,but they love my baby and help me support her


melanie - June 29

ok give the baby up for adoption but dont have an abortion because its not fair to kill and icoent child over your wrong doing. just have the baby and set it up for adoption!


Trinity - June 29

Kate i know how you feel i was 14 when i had my sona nd i was very scared and didnt know what to do but now today i have a very happy healthy almost 4 yr old! Please if ya wanna talk so more email me at [email protected]



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