I Dont Want My Baby But I Feel So Guilty

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Stacey. - September 21

I am 22 years old, i am in full time work. Also i am in a great relationship with my partner of 6 years. We are not married and we have never planned to have children. Hence the reason why i was on the Pill. I always take it never miss it as i really dontfeel that i am the mothering kind. My parner always uses condoms too. and we are s_xually active. However the Condom broke but i thought nothing of it as i was on the pill. Anyway that was that. Now i am 3 months pregnant. So the pill has obviouley not worked and dont know why. Now i am so upset that i am pregnant. I would neer want to bring a child in to the world and give it up for adoption and i dont think abortion is the answer. Ok so it wasnt planned and i am not ready but this is a life me and my partner have made and its up to me to deal with it. I dont want ti but thats not to say i wont do when it arrives. I feel so guilty for saying i dont want it but i am so going to try my hardest to do everything for this child. I just hope i get it right.


vonda - September 21

Pray to God and he will deliver you from this feeling, however thinking like that is dangerous for the baby, remember that your baby is you. Sometimes you may not be prepared, but God will get you ready, everything happens for a reason, just ask for forgivness and God hears you, also tell your baby you are sorry for feeling that way, and I gaurantee you that you will start to feel much better, you are pregnant, and some people who want a baby are unfortunate, but a baby is a blessing from God he knows you were trying to do the right thing. Father we come to you in the name of Jesus and ask that you lead and guideStacey in the right direction, help to remove the guilt that is within her heart, Father we ask for protection from the hand of our enemies, please be a hedge all around her and the baby, and also protect the father of the child and Thank you for giving him the mind of acceptance, and we know you will also give Stacey the mind of acceptance, Thank you for everything you have done and everything you will be doing, Thank you Father for a changed heart, mind, and soul. Amen.


Viv - September 21

Stacey, you need to take one day at a time and focus on bringing a healthy baby into the world. You will find yourself amazingly attached to it once it comes. Think b___st feeding. Think counseling to overcome the lack of attachment that resulted from your own childhood. Take a group hug!


Stacey - September 21

Thankyou for bithlovely replies. They meant alot to me. I currently do spaek to my doctor about the situation and it helps. I have surrounded myself with mothers to see if it helps in anyway. Either way i am going to try my best in everyway to suceed. Thanks again


eyebeeablessing2u - September 21

Awesome reply vonda... Just what the board needs...I am just married 39 , dh is 44... no kids ever between us.. I had a misscarriage 18 years ago... hoping to be pregnant right now.. got lots of symptoms and having faith and trust in GOD that my time will come... be blessed ,.... I am


vonda - September 21

you said it, trust in God and he will make a way keep the faith and hold on and be strong. We need to pray for all the members on the board, we need to show that someone cares, because some of the replies are awful, everyone needs encouragement. God bless and i will say a special prayer for you! Remember everything is in God's hands.


vonda - September 21

I'm sorry that was to eyebeeablessing2u


vonda - September 21

I'm still praying for you to stacey and everyone else.


southernbelle - September 21

hi stacey, it sounds like you feel very much like i did when i was pregnant. there's nothing to feel guilty about. my husband and i went off the pill after 5 years of marriage. i got preg within the first 6 weeks by the grace of God (because i was 34 at the time). even though I really, really wanted a baby, i had the same feelings that you are describing. because of personal problems i sometimes wished i hadn't gotten pregnant because i didn't want to change my life to involve a baby. i also have (yes, still have it) a very successful but demanding career as a programmer. i didn't know what would happen to my marriage, my career, or our finances. even after our little daughter arrived i struggled a lot with feelings of regret (even though i had wanted to get pregnant). but i had a lot of good feelings too! i remember the first morning awakening after our daughter was born, i reached into the ba__sinette and cuddled her close to me, just saying her name over and over to her with a feeling of disbelief and overwhelming love. this is notable because i am an a___lyst, not an emotional person at all. believe me, you will probably feel more than one way about it many times. just let your feelings come and go (they're going to anyway). try to put off any decisions (as you have been doing) until you have to make them. give yourself permission to think about something else (even though its hard). nowadays i still work full-time, but mostly from home. i love programming and i love having my daughter in the next room playing with our sitter. i can come out any time and join in the fun! if you had told me that it would work out this well, while i was having terrible feelings, i probably wouldn't have believed it because it would have sounded too good to be true. it gets better. it did for me.


Amber - September 22

Vonda in right...Also Its sounds like it happen for a reason and good reason. Its sounds like a great news. Lots of people just have one child its ok your going to be alright.


eyebeeablessing2u - September 22

Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Matthew 21:22 If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. I truly believe that GOD will never put you through what you can't handle. Jerimiah 29:11 For I know theh plans I have for you declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you.. plans to give you hope and a future. Do not try to lean on your own understanding but lean on GOD for your strength and he will make your path straight. These are important scriptures that I use in my life on a daily basis. [email protected] Pray without ceasing and give God a prayer all the time.. It is all that he asks for .. is to get to know him Be blessed. I am.. and so blessed to have found this web site.. May god meet everyone here right where they are... Help these women to over come their fears and have them not carry the burdens of God will in their lives... Help these women/ girls to know you better... XX OO


Dodi - November 20

Stacey. It is your body and life and your choice. Whatever you have decided is the right decision. Either way apparently a lot of women feel the same way and go on to be wonderfully happy when they adjust to it. You have no reason to feel guilty for not wanting to be pregnant. It is the biggest thing that will ever happen to you and that is scary so whatever fellings you have they are completely natural. And you seem very in touch with your feelings so you are bound to be a wonderful mum!


Denny - November 20

People shouldn't impose their religious beliefs on others. good luck you though stacey.


Jesus Freak Mom - November 20

So what do you believe in Denny?


Denny - November 22

to Jesus 'FREAK' Mom: I believe in not getting into a slanging match with other people when somebody is after advice. They're not looking for religion or bible quotes. Just advice. You got an issue with me then post it.


tina - November 22

I do think you will feel differently when the child is here. It is just a natural instinct - you will feel immense love from nowhere. Really - don't abort in haste. You will regret it later. You can see here so many people desparately want a child and it doesn't happen so easily. You are so blessed that despite all precautions it has happened. The love that the child will give you will be unlike any other you will know. I am confident you will love the baby and your work will not suffer either.


Rishell - November 26

I hope everything works out well with you, Stacey. Being a mother is a blessing, however you may not feel ready at this time. My best wishes to you. Good luck.



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