I Feel Guilty For Loving Babies

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keevy - May 9

Okay ladies, Im 24 7 months along with my 1st child. My hubby and I are having a girl! Im so pumped!!! But heres the problem... I just want a baby, not a todler, or a teenager... I love babies... Is it horriable that Im soooOOo looking forward to dressing her up and rocking her? Ive read some people say on this site how bad it is that teenage girls just want to show off their baby, or just dress it up and all.. I agree, but am I being the same way? Is it bad that Im so excited about how cute she'll be? Help, and be honest


Jenna - May 9

I think you might have some waking up to do and I hope your expectations don't disappoint you. Raising a baby is hard work. Sleepless nights, worry, and lots and lots of happy times too. Just be prepared....and your baby will soon grow into a lovable toddler which will delight you!!!! :) I don't know about the teen years yet...I have heard some horror stories!!!!


Misty - May 9

Jenna is sooooo very right. :-) It is not all about dressing your little girl up to look cute. You will love buying the cute clothes to put her in....but...it is so much hard work and such long nights that you will soon long for and then cherish when your little girl turns into a little todler that can listen and understand when you tell her no, sleep through the night, drink regular milk :-), go to the park, ride a bike.....ect.ect...Babies are cute, but I will take my independant toddler over a baby any day. I'm about to have another baby and I already can't wait for him/her to turn into a toddler. :-) GL.


monica - May 9

toddlers, preschoolers are so cute and I love them at that age. The are easier to care for than a baby.


minx - May 9

I think it'd have been easier if you applied for work at a nursery :-) or bought a life-sized baby doll that make a lot of funny 'life-like' sounds. Babies do grow up. I hope in your case that you will learn to love the little one-- as it grows up.


sheena - May 9



SHEENA - May 9



SH - May 9



mellissa - May 9

keevy, i felt the same way when i was pregnant (i was 21 at the time). my daughter is now 20 months old. i think you will surprise yourself. once she is born you are going to have so much to look forward too. i found myself saying "i can't wait till she sits up by herself" then "i can't wait till she can talk" then walk, then dance... and so on and so on. yes, having a baby is fun, and hard work, but to me it just gets to be more and more fun everyday. she is dancing and singing now and i can actually have conversations with her! it is so awesome. i love her more than anything in this world and i look forward to helping her with boyfriends and prom and weddings and babies. there is just so much to look forward to. i think you will see what i mean when she gets here!!! have fun!!


keevy - May 9

thnx so much for replying! i know ill grow to love my child..i just feel selfish


Lissi - May 9

I think there are few people who look forward to having teenagers! :-) Don't worry. I'm sure you still love your baby when she's a toddler. Toddlers are great! They're so cute and say the most amusing things. What's more, you'll love her more than anyone because she's your's, and whatever age she is, she'll always be your baby.


Maddie - May 9

Oh my God...keep your excitement going strong! I'm so happy to hear that you're so excited! So what if people have "already been there" before, and you "don't know what you're in for". (I hate it when ladies say that to me!) Anyway...I'm glad to hear you're so happy to dress your little girl up all cute! More power to you...block all the negativity out!


April - May 9

Oh goodness no that's not bad... I will be soooooo proud of my baby girl... she's gonna be soooo cute!!! I can't wait to dress her up and show her off hehehehe... it's one of the perks of being a mother :) and when they reach the toddler age I think they get even cuter because they are more active and will sing and dance and entertain you... it's gonna be so fun!! I can't wait!! I'm a little worried about the teenager stage.. but if she's anything like me then she'll be a good girl and I won't have to worry. I've been very close to my mom my whole life (she's my best friend) and I hope that my daughter is the same way :)



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