I Feel Old All Of A Sudden

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leslie - July 20

ok, maybe its prengancy hormones or something. I am 20 AND I AM GOING TO BE A MOTHER!! I feel like I am 10 years older and I feel like I should start acting older (even though I think I already do) Anyone else feels like this? like you can't think or act your age b/c you are going to be a mother?? I want to feel young and act young..of course with responsability..someone tell me its only hormones!!


KrisD - July 20

Hmmm... I AM ten years older than you - and never considered myself old.


Debi - July 20

If you think that you feel old now, just wait until the baby comes. When your life revolves around changing poop and wiping up spit-up and those middle of the night feedings, you will really feel old. But it's all worth it :) I am going to be 35 in 2 months and already have had 3 kids and another on the way, I really do feel old. (I guess I am:( ) Good luck Leslie, it will get better, then worse then better again!!!


leslie - July 20

what I mean is that even if I was 30 I would still feel 10 years older. 40 and so on....is about how your mind changes or is forced to change..if not we would be imature mothers..


Heidi - July 20

I don't feel 30. I'm pregnant with my first. I still wish I would have waited longer but ow well. I'll go back to my fun childish self after the baby is born, but in a mature way...ha ha! You can still have fun and be a mom. I don't care to party anymore. I got that out of my system years ago. It's just not gonna be about me anymore, but that's okay!


Jodie - July 20

Im 30 and pregnant with my third, most days i feel im to old to be doing this again, i definately had a lot more energy when i was 20 and pregnant


lilmum - July 20

OH do i ever know how you feel leslie. I got pregnant with my first at 19, gave birth at 20, i am now 22 and pregnant with #2. Trust me, i don't feel 22 in any way! The friends i still have without kids (that didn't dissappear after the first baby was born because they didn't "get me" anymore) still don't understand that 15min notice to go out to the bar (before i got pregnant again) is just not going to happen, no matter how much they want it to. I feel more like their mother sometimes than their friend. And then there's my husbands friends that don't have kids.. OY! My husband works long hours and we only get to see him a few hours a day. When he tells his buddies that he doesn't feel like going out, they can't come over until our son is in bed, and no, he doesn't want to drink his face off on a tuesdady night, naturally they think it's my fault and that i treat him badly because i don't let him go out with his buddies whenever he wants.. when it is so not like that at all, and our marriage is much much different then their 'flavor of the week' relationship. I also run a dayhome, so not only do i have my own kid, i have someone elses too, and my mom personality is on 24/7. I feel like i have lost myself and am no longer ME, i am my son's mother, or my husbands wife, and never the other way around. (now that i'm pregnant again, i'm also grandchild producer in some parts). Sometimes it's really disheartening, but i just keep telling myself, I had kids very young, and by the time i'm 40, both my kids will be adults and i have another 25yrs until i'm "old", so that's lots of time to catch up! So it's not just hormones, having kids really does change your life, but not for the worse, i swear!


E - July 20

LOL!! I am 32 and what I wouldn't give to be in my 20's again. I remember actually liking my a__s and legs:)


Lissi - July 20

I'm 34 and I still can't act my age! Oh, what I would give to be 20 again! Or even 30!


Jen - July 21

You know, I am 24 and I feel old. I raised my sister when i was 12, until she was about 4 and the courts placed her with her grandmother. I have always been told that I act older than my age-working and school and everything. But now that I have a 1 year old and a husband, I am different in a lot of ways. I find a lot of the clothing "inappropriate" even stuff that I thought I would wear!! I guess I have just matured. But when my knees start hurting and my elbows and my mom calls telling me she can feel the rain coming and I can agree, then I feel old!!



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