I Feel Very Guilty Help

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scared - March 16

hi girls, I am pregnant and I don't know why I started feeling guilty for things that I have done in the past, they started with the pregnancy I feel like they are 2 very bad secrets that are going to haunt me for the rest of my life I will say what I have done and I hope that someone in this website tells me is normal to feel this way when pregnant and that someone out there have something worst hidden, it would make me feel better to know that I am not the only one. First like 2 years ago I had s_x with my friend's ex and she really liked him, all this past days I dream what if she ever finds out or my family or my friends they would think I am the worst friend wich I am not it was a terrible mistake and my family would be embarrased of me! ..the second one was like 1 year ago. I took some nude pix for a bf, supposely for art and now I freak out every day that they are going to appear on a website or something!! What if he wants to make money with them or show it to friends?My fiancee works with internet all the time so I get even more freaked out.. My family would kill me if they found out of any of this 2 very bad things I have done..I should had never taken those pix!! Someone tell me I am exagerating!! and that maybe its only bec. of pregnancy that I am feeling terrible!


Missy - March 16

scared- how far along are you? if you are anything like I am, you are just really emotional right now. remember what you did in the past is just that - the past. Your fiance loves you for the person you are - and so does your family. don't worry about those things you did - some of us did those things or worse!!


~S~ - March 16

I wouldn't even worry about stuff like that. It's not worth worrying about right now the only thing you should be worried about is yourself and your baby's health. Sleeping with your friends ex isn't a good idea, but that was about 2yrs ago. Why worry about it now? It was a mistake that was made waaaay in the past. Just as long as it was that one time and your not pregnant by that guy, then why worry? let it go. Secondly, the pictures aren't even a big deal, I'm sure a lot of people do it for fun with their significant others. Heck, I've done it with my bf - not a big deal. I doubt your pictures will make an appearance on your fiance computer, and if by chance they did, well what can he do? It was pictures you allowed a long time bf to take of you (which isn't uncommon) and he decided to be a jacka__s and advertise it to the world. Not your fault. If you fiance respects you and loves you, he won't hold you accountable. Anyways...your pregnant now, your priorities in life are changing and you need to try to stop worrying about things that don't really matter anymore. Just remember, whatever and however you feel, your baby feels. Try to keep the stress and anxiety to a minimum. Good luck.


scared - March 16

Thank you ladies I was feeling so horrible today...I even lost my appet_te and that never happens..just thinking about how bad I am...Thank you again I just wanted someone to tell me that I am exagerating and that there is worst things...


tara - March 16

I too have been worring about things I've done and said in the past and I hope they don't come back to haunt me. But what I really want is to have a healthy, happy baby! What you have done is not that big of a deal - especially the pictures. It is common to have pics done and if they somehow end up on the internet you can sue your ex for puting them up with out permission!



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