I Felt Bubble Like Motion Inside My Stomach

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1st time mommie - May 9

Hi to everyone!! I want to ask a question I am 11 weeks into my 1st pregnancy and I can say it has not been an easy one (name it from morning sickness to bleeding I've had it) but thank God it seems like everything is marching alright up to date. But my question is this morning as I was waking up I felt something so weird but not scary I felt bubble like motions in my stomach (right hand side) from the bottom to the top since I've been through a lot I just want to make sure is not something I should go to the doctors for. I know my babee moves ALOT from the last ultrasound I had (10 weeks it was SO cute it was stretching and moving around oh..so cute) but it seems like it may be too early for me to feel any movement right?? I am just concerned please help. Thank U


KEEKEE - May 9

Sounds like movement to me. Try laying down on your side after drinking soda/something sweet. You will probably feel more movement. Congrats on your pregnancy


Christy - May 9

I thought the same thing the first time I felt my baby move! At 10.5 weeks, I felt what seemed to be a bubble migrating from top to bottom, also on my right side. It was a very distinct feeling, like nothing I'd ever felt before. I thought "There's no way I could be feeling the baby already!" It was early on and I am overweight wich is supposed to delay the first sensation of movement, especially in a first time mother like myself. I thought maybe I had misinterpreted what I felt until I felt it again after about 5 or 6 days. The further along I got, the more I realized that what I felt was in fact my baby! Now I am 22 weeks and I think I'm carring a tap-dancer! The movements will become stronger and you will be able to identify wheather or not what you felt was the baby. Since I thought 10.5 weeks was early to feel movement, I asked around and found two other 1st time mothers who also felt thier movement around the same time. I guess it just depends on how in-tune to your body you are. One thing is for sure, wheather it is now or in a few weeks, once you realize that you have felt your child move, it is the most amazing feeling in the entire world!!!


1st time mommie - May 9

thank you guys so much, really can it be movement??? Oh! Gosh I just can't imagine me feeling something just so tiny move... I called my midwife and she stated that it was gas which really I was kinda bumbed out because I was hoping she would say what you guys did but then at the same time I was glad it wasn't anything bad. Thanx again.


D - May 10

It really could be either gas or baby... I can only tell you how its been for me, and I'm sure you'll know for sure soon, too! I have been feeling movement for a little over 3 weeks now. I'm 17 weeks, so that means the first movement I didn't attribute to gas was around 14 weeks. What convinced me finally that it was the baby is that I have never felt gas bubbles around my belly b___ton before or since... and now it seems the baby is determined to kick my belly b___ton until its sore! I was quite surprised to feel it so early, since I too am overweight, but there really isn't any doubt anymore! Even my husband can feel it. It seems that mexican food really gets the little one going! It kicked for about an hour after we went out on Mother's Day. I have had a very sensitive stomach and GI tract since a food poisoning incident a number of years back, so I wonder if that has made me more in tune with what goes on in my belly?


Tigerphoenix - May 10

I feel that too and also a bit of pressure too. Its weird because it moves from side to side up and down. Also I notice my belly will be slightly lopsided.



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