I Got Fired

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gwen - August 25

I was pregnant by approx. 3 months and I informed my company of this and 2 hours later they fired me and asked me to leave the premesis.. no severance pay, nothing... everything was going fine... they told me only a couple days before that in 2 months they were flying in a coworker from across the country to start work with me on a new project.. firing me because I'm pregnant is illigal isn't it?? How the h__l did that happen??


SaRaH - July 30

That is SURELY illegal! That is descrimination!!!!!!!! You can sue them for that! Not only for no reason but for mental anguish and emotional stress. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear that :(


Beth - July 30

Yep. Definitely illegal. But be careful, as the company could dig a little and try to find ANY reason to fire you. Even if that wasn't the real reason. Sarah is absolutely right. You can most definitely sue the company. If you choose to do so, good luck and I hope that everything turns out right for you and your baby.


SaRaH - July 30

I wouldnt tell ANYONE that you previously worked with. I would see a lawyer ASAP> they will most probally not make you pay until the case has been settled. They did not give you any release papers or temination papers with an explination>>>>????


gwen - July 30

they told me my severance papers would come in the mail. It's been a couple months now and I'm just trying to figure something out, I've hired a lawyer.. this is going to be long and gruelling. I was never repremanded for my work, I was always told how amazing my work was... so to go from that, a star employee, to being fired without reason .. excoet for the fact that I had told them I was pregnant hours before... I'm so confused.


SaRaH - August 2

Just focus on your pregnancy and do not let this get to you. I think it is something that is stressing you out and you should focus on your baby! :)


Amanda - August 2

Hi, I was laid off just 2 weeks before I had my little baby girl. I was so mad. As if it was not bad enough that I was a single mom. . And my baby is 4 months old. I am still on unemployment which is only $127 a week. I am having a hard time finding a job. I was so so so so mad. I just found out that my boss's daughter wanted the job, so they laid me off.


SaRaH - August 3

That is wrong and what goes around comes around!! Good luck finding a job, everything will work out! :)


gwen - August 3

well it sucks to hear that there is more than one person with my problem, i'm sorry to hear that amanda. I've taken legal action, and it looks like I'll be getting compensation, if they're found guilty (which they surely will be.. thanks to my kick a__s lawyers..) they're liable for minimum $250 000 in fines, plus 10 000 compensation to me, or if they decide to settle out of court I could get more, stupid people. Amanda you should persue this, look into it more, it's not a fun battle but no one should be treated like that, and I'll see to it that it doesn't happen in that company again.. a small feat i know, but something none the less.


telly - August 5

good you got a lawyer


Stephanie - August 10

the same thing happened to me...i worked with that company for 3 years, and as soon as i told them i was expecting they let me go. I went to the lawyers about this but nothing happend bc they said the let me go bc I wasnt able to perform my job right(I was a cashier). so they are ways for them to fire u and get away with it, and i know it sucks, bc it is hard to find a new job when u are pregnate.


gwen - August 13

well it looks like everything is going ok.. but i still don't understand how companies can get away.. or attempt to get away with something like this... creation of life is a beautiful thing... sure it might slow me down a bit but it's not like i couldn't do my job.. they even stated that in the courtroom... that they had no objections to my work, infact I was a wonderful employee" ... what c___p. grrr


Child of one already - August 13

well the same thing happened to me when i was pregnant with my son. I didn;t want to tell my boss but my roommate who was mad cause i asked her to move out when the baby was born went and told my boss that i was pregnant, that day when i came into work she fired me. But the way companies can get away with this is they always find another reason why they say they are firing you. I hope everything works out for you!


tony - August 20

yes i got fired illigally but they can get around all that and fired you which is really terrible im sorry that happened to you.


Mike - August 25

I am currently doing some research because my wife was just fired for being pregnant 2 weeks before her due date! Of course they said it was because of her job performance but she had an evaluation 5 weeks ago that said how wonderful she was and she was also given a raise at that time.


Missy - August 25

Well if you research it on the net it is sooooooooooooo illegal and that is such discremenation that just p__ses me off them bastords!!!


tara - August 25

I would seek legal advice for sure.Good luck



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