I Had It With Some People In This Site

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Anna - March 25

Have you noticed how one or two girls here are defending a "long time user" in this site? They respond to anyone who disagrees with them by calling them names, or invalidating what they say. People are ent_tled to their opinion without having to be called names by those rude few ones. A few apples that spoil it for the rest of us. Please stop being rude and mean to people, you know who you are. We are here to help each other, we do not need your name calling, or your rude words. If you do not have something nice to say, then don't. Women on this site have been repetating these these things to you over and over again. Please listen and be nice. Oh, yes, feel free to reply to me in this thread, but again use proper language, no name calling and be NICE! Thanks for listening.


nicole - March 25

who are u referring to?


JLorenzo - March 25

Anna, I disagree with you and think you are nothing more than a b___thead! Heehee...just kidding with you! I know what you mean...glad you said something!


Jlorenzo - March 25

hahahaha! You are a very cool guy with a great sense of humor, you are a guy, right?


JLorenzo - March 25

Well I used to be a guy before I got married. Now I am only a guy when football is on and even then, it is a stretch! But yes, I have all the workings and pieces a man has...but my wife wears the pants! Call me Josh okay?


Anna - March 25

Nice to meet you Josh! My hubby would say the same thing about him ... I like you!


JLorenzo - March 25

Well I like you too Anna! I appreciate the pregnant women tolerating a man browsing this website! Us men have questions too! So nice to be able to come here for answers!


Elena - March 25

Go Josh !! Don't mind them women who don't want u guys on here ! A few of us don't mind !


JLorenzo - March 25

Thanks Elena! I appreciate the support! I enjoy talking with you all about the things my wife is going through. Let's be honest, how many guys can you talk to about this stuff? Why not talk with people who have first hand knowledge? And you know that if you have a question or concern about a guy issue, you can ask me!


to Josh - March 25

My dh is just like that... I never knew a man could be so caring til I met my hubby.. the world needs ALOT more like you.. have a good day


Elena - March 25

Ur more than welcomed Josh !


monica - March 28

I think its great that we have a few men on this site. I too wear the pants in the family.


Lovely - March 28

Let it be known, that the Man is the head of the household. The woman, however is the neck... and she may turn the head in whatever direction she so chooses! :)


La Rae - March 29

Hey Anna - you SUCK! (just kidding - You ROCK!) You go get 'em girl! I am SO SICK of the b.s. as well! I really do think that the ones who SHOULD be on the 'Teen Preg Board' wander over here just to cause trouble and stir things up (LOL - not too hard to do with a bunch of pregnant women, is it?) J-Lo you rock also! Your wife is SO lucky to have you and to be having your child. Too many women have children with men who either don't care/abandon them or both. You are so sweet to inquire at this site in regards to your lovely wife's condition. From what I have read elsewhere, she is what? Five weeks away from giving birth? Please, please, please keep us all informed! Feel free to visit the Pregnancy Signs forum (that's where I am mostly) I would've 'met' you sooner if I didn't spend most of my time over there....Best wishes to you, your wife and your child on the way.


Shannon - March 29

I am so glad you wrote La Rae - I hope you told a specific poopy mouth friend of yours the exact same words you just wrote here. It is so much much nicer on this site when she is quiet. :)


MandyD - March 29

Who is the "poopy mouth friend" you are referring to Shannon?


Shannon - March 29

I will not mention her name because hell will break loose, and I do not want that at all - all I can tell you is that she has not been writing much lately, which makes this site alot lighter and fun to read. So, to be clear I am not trying to start a fight or point fingers (I would have mentioned her name if that was the case). I am just expressing my thoughts on this thread which talks about this very subject, and this very person, too, I believe. Peace to all and much baby dust and baby glue and pink and blue ribbons!



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