I Had My Baby

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~S~ - October 31

So, I had my baby, well actually I had her 2 months ago haha..but I haven't had a chance to come back here and spread my news! Oh my goodness, she's sooooo freaking adorable, I can't get over how cute and beautiful she is. I had her on Aug 27th, one day past my predicted due date. Actually, i went into labour on the night of the 26th, my labour lasted 14hrs, but only 7 of those hours were intense labour. After sucking on laughing gas, a shot of demerol and an epidural, I delivered a beautiful 8lb baby. She was born sunny side up, so I had somewhat of a difficult labour. I did end up getting a few st_tches, i couldn't believe how much they hurt while healing, it was horrible......Anyways, I was happy that my pregnancy was over and that I got to hold my little girl, but I was in shock at the same time. My hospital stay was HORRIBLE! I absolutly HATED it! The nurses were nice, but my room was FREEEEEZING, my baby wouldn't br___t feed, no matter how hard I tried and she was freezing cold because the room was too cold, therefore she didnt' sleep. I stayed in the hospital for 2days, man I was so happy to go home. Although I was happy to be home, I must admit I suffered from bad, bad baby blues. I was happy for my baby girl, but I guess I didn't prepare myself for the postpartum part. It actually took me almost 2months to get out of the depression. My daughter hardly ever slept and was waking up every 2hrs to eat, and she wouldn't sleep during the night. She was also born a bit colic, so she cried a lot....Anyways, all is SO very well now. He's grown out of her colic stage and is nothing but a smiling and giggling baby. Oh yeah, she's now sleeping through the nights! YAY! I love her so much and we're both so very happy!!!


Hickup - October 31

Ahh! Congrats on your baby girl, glad everthing is going good for you guys! Take care!


Lisa*9 - October 31

What did you name her. Congradulations


Lissi - October 31

Congratulations! I hated hospital too! My room was to hot! Glad you and bub are doing well. Sleeping through nights eh? How lucky are you?! My daughter is 6.5 weeks and very hard to settle at night. Wouldn't trade her for the world though! :)


~S~ - November 2

Thanks guys. I named her Kaela Jamala Amaris and she took her daddy's last name. Everything is great, she's so much fun now because she does less crying and more smiling, and baby talking. She's also learning how to giggle haha..I'm so glad she's out of her colic stage and I'm SO glad that she doesn't cry as much, that was pretty rough....I have to thank my mom though, she's been with me for the past 2 months and she plans to stay with me for another month. She did go home for a week, so I was alone with my baby for a week, I couldn't believe how hard it was to care for her all by myself and have to take care of errands and house clean, it was crazy.Anyways, she's the most beautiful little person I've ever laid my eyes on..haha...but then every parent thinks that about their own kid huh! hehe..


Heavenly - November 2

Congrats ~S~!! I am glad to hear that you are doing better. Postpartum sux! Well you know the rulz....you gotta get a piczo site so we can see that baby girl of yours!


~S~ - November 6

Thanks!!! Here's a few links to a couple of pictures of her. The first one is the most recent. Just taken a few hrs ago http://us.a1.yahoofs.com/users/41dfbcc3zb646f195/3d46/__sr_/e193.jpg?phoUtbDBjgjT91js and this one is her first halloween http://us.a1.yahoofs.com/users/41dfbcc3zb646f195/3d46/__sr_/567e.jpg?phoUtbDBdf3P4mzi


Heavenly - November 6

~S~ The page is coming up as not able to display or that I am not authorized to veiw the page :o(


~S~ - November 7

awwww okay...try this one http://www.clubvibes.com/photos/images/photos/184656.jpg AND http://www.clubvibes.com/photos/images/photos/184657.jpg AND http://www.clubvibes.com/photos/images/photos/175719.jpg AND http://www.clubvibes.com/photos/images/photos/184655.jpg



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