I Had My Baby Boy

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lucy - October 12

i just wanted to let everyone know that i finally had him a day before i was meant to be induced. if anyone wants to know anything just ask and i will help you


to lucy - October 12

congrats...lucy i am ttc for 6 mths but no good news till yet .everytime 1 week before my periods i had sore b___bs& pain in abdomen&back... any suggestions....


karen - October 12

Congratulations, Lucy! I just want to know--was it as bad as you were expecting? Did you have an epidural?


RA - October 12

Your first, how was it? Im 25 weeks and this will be my first, im scared because im so tiny! We need details girl!! CONGRATS! Whats his name?


jb - October 12

Congrats! Birth story please!!!!! We need to know what to expect :o)


N - October 12

wow you too!?! These babies are just popping out left right and center around here! Congrats to you and your new family! I can't wait to hear how things went, hopefully well :) I am happy that you got to avoid induction (or did you?). Let us know all the details when you get some time.


lucy - October 12

he is my first baby, his name is tommy. i was in labor for 3 days in total which was horrible. i went to the hospital on saturday night and got sent home because i wasnt far along enough but i ended up back at the hospital in the morning in established labor. i had gas and air and a shot of pethidine to get me through it all. i was away with the faries for most of the time lol. the worst bit was pushing him out but it only took 40 mins and it was over. it did hurt but im already forgetting the pain. once the babies out the pain stops straight away. i never neede any st_tches and i left the hospital the next day. once you hold your babies in your arms and they look at you for the first time you just know that all the pregnancy pains and labor pains were worth it 100%. dont be scared of giving birth because once its all happening you just go along with it and its over before you realise and the pain isnt bad at first so you have time to build up to the end bit (its not one big shocking pain). thank you for all your help during this last nine months. i will keep checking back on you all



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