I Had Sex Day After My Period Is That When I Got Pregnant

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miisskrys - December 14

i was on my period aug 7to aug 12.i had unprotected s_x on august 13 w/ my boyfriend which was the morning after i got off my period... i swore i spotted maybe two weeks later. well i got back with my ex and we had s_x on sept 5 and he accidentally didn't pull out and this was a few days before i was suppose to start my period. i found out i was pregnant on sept 11. went to my first appt oct 6.. my period told me i was 8weeks 3 days.. and when the dr did the sonogram [not va___ally] he told me i was 7 weeks pregnant. could the dr be wrong? he says i'm due may 25... but my period says i'm due may 14. whats right? and who would be the father? if it helps.... my period is very irregular!!!! counting days from first dr appt on oct 6... if it was the first guys.. i would have been 7weeks 4 days... and with the second guy i would have been 4 weeks 3 days. so was it the first guy i got pregnant by?? so its possible to get pregnant the day after your period? all the ovulation charts and conception charts and predictors and everything are telling me DIFF things. so i cant really rely on the internet


Grandpa Viv - December 14

Hmm! Those sonograms are usually accurate to within a few days. If you ovulated Sept 5, the day you had s_x with your ex, the sonogram on Oct 6 should have read 6 weeks 3 days (you have to add two weeks because the pregnancy is dated from your theoretical last period, two weeks before ovulation). Counting from Aug 7, the Oct 6 sonogram should have read 8 weeks 4 days. There is room for doubt on who is the father, Yes, it is possible to get pregnant from s_x on the last day of your period, especially if there was long-lived sperm or early ovulation. It's doubtful that you could have got a positive pregnancy test only 6 days after the s_x that got you pregnant. My best guess is that the boyfriend is the father, and the sonogram was off by a week. If you have to know for sure, a paternity test after the baby is born is the way to go. Good luck!


miisskrys - December 15

i swore i spotted almost a few weeks after first guy. i mean if it was the second guys... wouldnt the baby have mesaured smaller at 4 weeks? cause dr said im 7 weeks.



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