I Hate Her And It S Driving Me Nuts

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wits end - August 12

Ok. I love her. She's like part of our family. She's beautiful and well behaved. But ever since I got pg I HATE her. My dog, that is. She smells even after washing her over and over and her hair is unbearable!!! I wont even let her near me let alone pet her!! I really honestly want to get rid of her but my hubby wont let me. (I got her for him). But how are we sopose to have a baby with all of the dog hair. I mean, I can vacc_me 10 times and still not get all the hair off the floor and the couch and everything. I can't really let an infant crawl on the floor with her around. It is driving NUTS!!! I have even actually let her out without chaining her up hoping that she would run away (horrid I know) but she never does. Any one else run into this problem? What did you do?


Karen - August 12

Oh yea. We have two puppies and I cant stand either one of them. They love to jump up and down on you and I are always shouting at them and telling them to move away from me. I really HATE them and feel bad about it.


Evy - August 12

when I just read your t_tle I thought you were talking about your mother-in-law....lol...


jb - August 12

Awww.. I know how you feel. But I feel that way about my cats. I LOVE my puppy. She is the cutest, sweetest thing. She was our first baby. :o) But the cats dont thrill me anymore, and I feel like we have too many animals. I wanted to get rid of the cats but I dont think I could, I know deep down I love them.


Michelle - August 12

I can't say I ever feel that way, but i have a dog and cat inside and yes there is hair, but if you are wondering if it will harm you child....it won't. Never had any problem with it and my daughter loves to pet the dog and the cat. Both the animals are very good with her and protect her.


Dee - August 12

Amen, we have a pug and i cannot stand her anymore. I know she is getting old (9), but the grunting and the beav eating is getting unbearable, you cannot even sit out on our deck with out her sitting there licking herself nonstop. She was housed in the kitchen at night and dh finally moved her to the bas____nt, can't leave her outside at night she barks at the lightest noise....short black hair everywhere and i vacc_m 2-3 times a week, even hair in the fridge....AAAHHH.......I know we cannot get rid of her, my 3 yr old loves her and i would not do that to him, DH does a good job of keeping her away from me....but w/ another baby on way i sort of wish she would escape or something.....we also have a foul mouthed parrot (had years before first baby so vocabulary very extensive) and a fish...dear lord, we have a parrot screaming fu, and a pug licking herself to death....come to our house, it's a party.....................


Jasmine - August 12

You own this pet and it is your responsibility to care for it. Don't just shut it away because it is inconvenient for you now. I know they can be annoying sometimes but it is not their fault. Don't take it out on the dog. How shameful that you could let it loose w/o tying it up. It could of gotten run over by a car whatever....There are too many people in this world that think once they have a child the dog gotta go. Dogs are not disposable and there are too many in the shelter as a result of that kind of thinking. Sorry but it breaks my heart to think that these dogs are getting neglecting. It is not enough just to feed them...they need affection too!. I know the hair, smell etc can be frustrating but please don't stop caring for them. Look within yourself for the patience as you would for your child. If it is that bad place an ad to see if some neighborhood kids can walk them for you. It is just that humans are too quick to get rid of the problem without looking for a viable solution. I will get off my soapbox now...as you can see I am an animal lover..


christy - August 13

When my first child was born we had 2 dogs staying in the house. They moved out when she moved in. Why don't you put up a fence in the back yard and let her stay there? She'll be there for your husband and you can have a clean house for your baby.


teigan - August 13

i think this is awful,people always want pets, then as soon as there pregnant dont want to know anymore, pets are a responsibility just like a baby, and the hair and smell was there well before you were pregnant, poor dog. i have 4 cats and a dog, 1 child and 1 on the way, iyeah they p__s me off sometimes, but i gave them a home, and i cant just abandon them everytime they p__s me off.. a baby will be messier than a dog, but you wouldnt abandon her/him.. i dont think you deserve a dog to begin with, it would have a appier life somewhere else, our dog goes everywhere with me, she even sits next to the bath, follows me everywhere, she stinks to as she is a big bullmastiff, but who cares, its just a smell.. ive smelt worse things in babies nappies..


ciarra - August 13

the little baby comes first in my opinion. hands down, no if ands or buts. we put our female siberian husky outside to permanently reside inside a kennel because she was having 'training relapses' due to her overwhelming jealousy of my pregnancy. she has no hope of returning in the house again. now she can poop anywhere she desires and tear up anything in sight and shed all over the place and i can care less. i like the dog, don't get me wrong, but my baby comes first. totally different loves there.


Just a pet lover - August 13

Letting your dog out for the purpose for her to run away is ABUSE and YOU can be ARRESTED and fined. Being pregnant is not an excuse - I have two siberian huskies that I have had before my son was born so I know a lot about dog hair and smelly dogs. They look to you for love support and affection, much like a furry baby - you need to grow up and take care of ALL your responsibilities. And yes, you sound horrible!! If you can't deal with the dog find someone who can.


ciarra - August 13

pet lover... notice i said the animal was in a kennel. let me break down the definition of a kennel. it's a large enclosure that gives the animal plenty of room to run and play, sleep, and etc. so, i guess i am going to jail because i have provided adequate living arrangements for my pet outside my home due to the fact i felt she was a threat to my pregnancy? try reading what someone writes before you get ready to respond. if you cannot handle the fact that i put my baby first, that's fine with me, because i am quite content with my decision. also, it's not against the law ANYWHERE to keep a pet outdoors inside a kennel run. why don't you chill out, and answer the girls question or give her some advice (like i did) instead of trying to make trouble? or just go away if you cannot


pet lover - August 13

sorry that was aimed at ciarra not written by her


ciarra - August 13

yes. dogs may be mans best friend, but babies are your blood. babies always come first. wits end, look into getting a kennel run installed. they are lifesavers. the one we have only cost $400 to get put in. the dog is not restrained by a chain, it can run free in the kennel. it's great.


Jonie - August 13

Thumbs up for Ciarra...I thinks its the best solution. Dogs r uncomparable to your own blood, not in the slightest bit.


Alycia - August 13

I learned in my college immunology cla__s that children who live with dogs or cats in their first year of life are far less likely to suffer from allergies later on. So don't worry so much about the hair! A *little* dirtiness and fur is actually good for baby.


pet lover - August 13

a dog is part of your family regardless of blood, yes children come first but getting rid of a dog because of smell and hair, is just crazy, id understand if it had constantly been biting someone, but a smell and hair... its just like living with a hairy man... ( sorry hubby ) lol



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