I Have A Few Questions Please Help

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shaylabing - February 15

Okay I am 5-6 weeks pregnant and I am already a mother of two. But there are a few things happening on this pregnancy that didn't happen on the other two. Like I am already going to the bathroom alot. Like at night I go at least five times, witch I don't remember happening until I was way further along. Also I feel like throwing up all day long, witch I could deal with as long as it's normal. And lastly, my husband and I had s_x and in the beginning I thought I felt like something was inside me blocking his way in, but I didn't say anything because I thought I was being paranoid. But then afterward he said he felt something too. So I am just wandering if I should go to the doctor right away to check these things out, or if I should just wait until my first appointment when I am 11 weeks. Sorry this is so long :)


Binx18 - February 16

Shaylabing, going to the bathroom frequently is a common complaint at the beginning of pregnancy. In the beginning, your hormones are causing this need to urinate, but toward the end, it's just the pressure from your uterus. So that's perfectly normal. Also, feeling like you're going to puke all the time is just common "morning" sickness. I felt that way, too. You might have been lucky enough to not feel sick for your first two pregnancies, but it looks like you're getting the sickness for the third one. It should go away by about the 12-13th week. I think it's also pretty normal to feel like there is a "blockage" during s_x because everything down there sort of swells, but you can have your doc check that at your next appt just to be sure:) Hope this helps!


Grandpa Viv - February 16

First appointment at 11 weeks? You must be in the UK. Nothing you say seems alarming. Later pregnancies tend to show swelling earlier because the organs have been stretched before. Good luck!


s_xy_n_sweet - February 16

That is perfectly normal to be throwing up all day long. That is usually the time or pregnancy when women have morning sickness. I felt that too when I had s_x and I was pregnant. Except the thing is I was about 4 months pregnant. Are you sure you're not further along than you think?


shaylabing - February 16

Thanks everybody for your imput. It makes me feel alot better. And I am actually in California Grandpa.



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