I Have A Preg Question And Im 15 Help

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shana - November 6

Hi. Yeah this is quite embarassing but here it goes... i have about 3 questions: 1) Can you get pregnant if a guy pulls out a minute or so before ejaculating? 2) i'm getting put back on birth controll friday-POSSIBLY. could that kill a baby?? =[ if i AM pregnant i dont want to kill it 3) My period has been jumping around. so to say, i've never had a regular period. my last period i was 21 days late, and that was BEFORE i ever had s_x. right now im 5 days late and i had s_x about 2 weeks ago for the first time. But i'm still dishcharging, and i have munchies and minor mood swings due to PMS just not as bad as usual. I dont think i'm pregnant, but i'm asking...please respond.


... - November 6

I would say take a test, and be more careful next time, use a condom, there is always a chance of getting pregnant from pre-c_m.


? - November 6

Birth control pills can be a great thing for a teen who is having s_x, just remember you can get pregnant while taking them. So I would always use a condom, for more then 1 reason. You also have to think of STD's and you can't always trust your partner, sometimes they might not know if thay have an STD until you find out you now have one. I would take a test to make sure your not pregnant and then get back on your pills.


Alycia - November 6

It won't hurt your baby (if there is one) if you go back on the Pill. Lots of people find out they're two or three months pregnant while they're taking the Pill. Just make sure you test this week and then again in a few weeks if you still don't start your period.


Beth - November 6

I've never heard of a doctor that is willing to put someone on the pill until after they've started a period. I would wait to start back on the pill until AF arrives. Birth control can be a great way to regulate your flow also. But please don't have s_x until you're married! I know that sounds old fashioned, but it's the only way to know you're being safe. Nothing else is 100%. If you still can't help it, at least be protected for what you can be. And do it because you want to, not because someone else wants you to.


i agree - November 6

with beth...there can be harm done to an unborn baby from bc...that is why before you get on bc...they give you a pregnancy test...HELLO...anyways, i think that you should take a test just to be sure. good luck to you, and i hope that you are preparing yourself for both ways that this could go. take care!


M.A. - November 6

Babies are REALLY hard, and stressful to take care of when you're married. But as the baby gets older, or if you're not married, it's even more stressful & hard. You should wait. But if I were you now, I wouldn't go on the pill until I were 100% positive I wasn't pregnant. If you must have s_x, wait a month, then test to make sure you're not pregnant, and if you're not then get on b/c. And make sure you use a condom. People can be so vulnerable when they want to have that feeling of someone wanting them. And others can be very manipulative when they want s_x.


stellamaris - November 6

Take it from me, you can definitely get pregnant that way. I stopped taking the pill due to side effects and didn't really pick up another form of bc. We were just doing the pullout thing and I got pregnant. Luckily, I am 30, in a steady relationship, and I knew what I was doing was risky, but I was pretty much ready for it anyways. Not worth the risk if you're 15. My partner has good control, but maybe one time he was a split-second too late, or maybe it was the pre-c_m, I don't know, but that was all it took. I've been s_xually active since i was 15 also and always used condoms (except recently, and a couple stupid incidents when I was younger), and never got pregnant or an STD. If you do, you will thank yourself later. If a guy won't use one with you, he really doesn't deserve to have s_x with you. BTW, it's great if a person can wait till marriage, but that's no guarantee of anything either!


stellamaris - November 6

Oh yeah, and if your period's that irregular, you might have to wait a couple more weeks before you get it, if you do at all. Why drive yourself crazy wondering all that time? Sometimes stress can even cause a period to be late. Why not take a test and ease your mind(then you'll know if you should go back on the pill yet too)


ally - November 6

withdrawl method always worked for me especially if its a minute or more but its not recommended birth control, u should be ok but shouldnt be having s_x so young, wait girl u have years and u dont wanna get bored with it too early, seriously and u also dont want a bad name by the young teen boys


marie - November 7

To Shana, yes you can get preg before ejaculating, and BC CAN harm your baby. It can put mixed female and male hormones to your baby, so if you were having a girl, it could have too many male hormones and vice versa. If you are having irregular periods then it will be hard to pinpoint exactly when they are due. I would take a test and if negative then get straight on birth control - take another test iin a week or so though. If you are not PG then make sure you also use condom cos of STD. Dont sleep around , you will only give yourself a bad name. You are soo young to be s_xually active and having babies



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