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Brittnjoel - February 16

This is my first pregnancy and I am 20 years old and 20 weeks pregnant. Is it normal to only feel flutters off and on? I finally find out what I am having in two weeks.. How accurate are the results when you ask for gender determination? I am having trouble sleeping and I am not even that far, I sleep on one side my legs cramp up, I sleep on the other my side gets sore. Is it okay to lay on you back for a little bit, and if I dont lay on my back ... could I lay half on my stomach and side? I always fear I am hurting the baby so I wanted to see if that was okay. Stress... Stress is a big issue with me. My hormones are out of wack and my s_xual desire went almost completely down and my fiancee is going crazy. All we do is fight fight fight. I try not to but cant help it. I fear my baby is going to come out retarted from all the stress.. I know I should stop but cant let my fiancee keep on and if I go into another room I get yelled at it's a lose lose situation.. Do I need to worry about the stress. We dont fight everyday but when we do it's bad. Genetic test, I have not got my results back yet and it has been 4 weeks.. is that a good thing? Wouldnt they have called me? Before I go on asking more can you help me? thanks Britt


Brittnjoel - February 16

well.. since this is so much to ask? I could probably spare all the details. Is it normal to feel flutters off and on during week 20?


Binx18 - February 16

Okay, here we go: It is perfectly normal at this point in your pregnancy to feel flutters on and off. It won't be very regular until about week 25. Gender determination is pretty accurate, although obviously there are some mistakes made. Usually if the doctor cannot be very certain, they will schedule another u/s for you. Sleeping is a common problem for many pregnant women because of the exact issues you're having. My sides hurt pretty badly when I sleep, but I found having the pregnancy pillow, it's helped a little. It doesn't solve the problem, though. I kind of prop myself up sideways if you know what I mean. I make it so I'm kind of lying on my back but on my side as well. It's pretty comfortable that way. Lying on your stomach a little is okay, but that probably won't feel great after a couple minutes. I have problems with stress as well, and it is very important to learn how to diminish that in your life. If your fiance and you are fighting a lot, it doesn't really help the situation obviously. Have you both sat down to discuss your fears, concerns and thoughts about this pregnancy? It might be good to do. My husband and I fought a lot at the beginning, but then I realized we just both were kind of freaked out about all the things going on. Your baby will not be "retarded" from the stress, but it is actually pretty harmful for YOU. You need your rest. S_xual desire sometimes diminishes, but usually it comes back. A lot of times, though, women are just to uncomfortable to have s_x, too, and that's just the way it goes. I'm a little uncomfortable during s_x, but I still do it because I love it and I love the closeness with my hubby. It also really does help to relieve tension, so you might want to try it! He might actually be a much happier person to be around:) If you haven't heard about your genetic test results yet, you can call your doctor. Usually if there is a big problem, they will call you right away. Those test do take a while, though, so you might just have to wait until your next appt. to find out the results. Does any of this help?


Brittnjoel - February 16

Yes, I actually feel quite relieved. Im so worried all the time and read into too much books. I read all about what could happen and all this is new to me so I feel like if I eat suger or drink a little bit of soda there is going to be something wrong with my baby. I do thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions. Britt


s_xy_n_sweet - February 16

First thing I gotta say is "Dont stress out!" I got pregnant last year in July...and I had a miscarriage in late October. I dont quite know what caused it but one of my friend's mom said it could have been stress because I was too worried about what everyone thought, with me being too young and whatnot. Anyways, it is much better to sleep on your back when you are pregnant. And my doctor actually told me that sometimes when you get the gender determined its not that accurate. So what can happen is they tell you its a boy but when your baby pops out its a girl. So be patient...the surprise will be totally worth it!


xoxticiaxox - February 16

I didnt read the big long one...but sleeping on your back is not very good because the weight of the baby is sitting on a main vein and slows the blood flow to your lower body...although it is fine to do now because its been proven that you turn in your sleep when you feel uncomfortable...sleeping on your tummy is fine as well, as long as your comfortable...the baby has alot of cushion never foret that! As for the gender thing...they are usually only wrong if they tell you it a girl...sometimes when they have the scan...you can not always see the t______es...therefore they tell you it is a girl, and it end up being a boy sometimes...if they tell you it is a boy...there is a VERY small chance of it being a girl...because where would the t______es that they saw go? Nowhere. About the reading thing...I did that too! Now I have good books that tell me the right stuff...do you think 20 years ago when everyone drank pop and what not all the babies turned out funny? No! Limit it yes because the caffeien is not good for the baby...but it wont kill it...just keep in mind that your usual diet wont hurt, as long as you keep the unhealthy things to a moderate level! One more thing....if you sleep on your back ...circulation is cut some from your legs, and you will be more likely to gte leg cramps...and if you have never had one of those LET ME TELL YOU!!!! They are NOTTT pleasant! Good Luck and dont worry...if a bum on the street can have a healthy baby...you surley can aswell!



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