I Just Don T Know

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Jodie - November 15

Hello, Before i start, I'm not asking for anyone to diagnose me, I just want some 'adult' advise. Firstly I'm 19 years old, and i think i might be pregnant. I know i was ovulating on the 25th of October, and i had unprotected s_x that day, then, a day before i was due to start my period, i took a test and it was neg. My 'period' started on the 4th of Nov. and only last a couple of days. It started off as pink d/c, the next day went brown, then went really watery and red, then brown again. I had a lot of pregnancy symptons before and after my 'period' which i thought was just pms symptons, e.g feeling sick, light headed, sore br___ts, tiredness, and head aches. I then had a few days gap of no symptons, and now I'm getting very lightheaded, extremely tired, my appit_te has increased, i feel really bloated, to the point that my trousers aren't doing up properly, and keep getting headaches. I just don't really know whats going on? I would be so happy if i was, and i want to take a test, but worried I'm just going to see another neg. sign! Has anyone else had anything like this? And it's turned out to be either pregnancy or something else? I would really appritiate some help on this. Thank you all so much. xxxx


Cathy - November 15

I know that getting a negative is sometimes hard to deal with, but your best bet is to just take the test.


ra - November 15

just take the test when the time is right. but when i was pregnant i had a loss of appit_te in the begining. and just felt like i was coming down with the flu, i didnt find out i was preg. untill i was 9 weeks.


Christi - November 16

I thought I was going to start my period. I had cramps... back pains, and I didnt want to eat anything. i was very tired. I didnt think I was pregnant at all. My b___bs hurt, but so did everything else.... Just take a test. If your not pregnant... maybe thats a sign your not ready... not a big deal. I am 19 as well... as ready as I thought I was... I laugh now because here I am 6 months preggo... and I am so lost... happy... but I wish I had been prepared!!!



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