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morgan - December 27

to listen to me and tell me what to do.i am 17yrs old i have been seeing this guy for about 6mos and things were good between us so i thought.i did not have s_x with him until we dated for 2mos and i made him use protection when we started having s_x then about 5 or 6 wks ago he didnt put the condom on and i thought it was on.well i have not got my period since i think i could be pregnant but to make matters worse he has been smoking pot with a girl he's friends with and i strongly feel he's screwing her.me and him dont live together he dont work he is 23yrs old and i doubt he will want to help take care of a baby if i am pregnant.i quit school and i work at a resturant and live with my grandma how can i support a baby by myself i never even changed a kids diaper i did not want a baby thats why i made him wear protection.im confused i have no one i can really talk to and im not calling no crises hotline.i just need someone to help me understand what to do ,where to go from here.i dont beleive in abortions and i would want to keep the baby if i am pregnant.i know i need to get a test but im scared to because if it's positive the rest of my life will be changed and im so scared.please can you just help me come up with a plan or something?


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 27

The best thing to do, like you already know, is to get at est done. Otherwise you won't know. You could be tormenting yourself for nothing.


Jaime - December 27

I am so sorry you are going thru this sweetie.First when is your period due.Don't freak out yet,lets find out if you are pg first.Let me know when you were due to have your period and we will go from there.Remember stress can make you late on your period and you sound very stressed.Write back asap.


A - December 27

Get the test and go from there. I was 18 when I had my daughter.---the guy left and I raised her wtih help from everyone that was willing to help. ---although I was out of highschool, it wasnt THAT bad. You can make it work. Keep your head up.


April - December 27

I know it's scary to take a test - but if you're pregnant - you're pregnant. Seeing it on a test isn't what makes it so. If you are - even if this guy wants nothing to do with you or the baby (and it sounds like you'd both be better off without him) he is still going to be required to pay child support - so there's some help. Also you will obviously be eligible for medicaid, which will take care of your medical treament, and the baby's after birth. You can get on wic to help with food, for both of you - there are tons of programs out there to help you. And as for never having changed a diaper - trust me, there are tons of moms who just learn first hand. Your dr. can give you lots of numbers, and schedules for cla__ses that teach the basics, and they are usually free. Everything is possible, these things happen every day, and there is so much help made available. It can be a long frustrating process, but you can do it. ....but you know the first step is taking a test. Like I said, not taking a test because you're scared....won't make you un-pregnant!


mrod - December 27

I was 17 when I got pregnant with my first child. I did not stay with the father (good thing). Your intuition right now about your b/f is probably right on. Besides the fact, if he is not faithful now, there is a strong possibility he never will be. Of course the first thing you should do is get tested. If you are scared about going alone, you can always get a home test. If you are pg, and you have already decided you want to keep the baby, my biggest suggestion is you go back to school - even if it's part time or at night. I know it sounds cliche - but that was my greatest regret. I do ok, but not nearly as well as if I could go out there and CHOOSE the job I want - not work for whoever will hire me. And even if you aren't pg - take this as a sign to maybe reconsider this b/f. I know it's easier to work and get money rather than go to school - but try taking a few cla__ses part time or something - you will feel so much better about yourself and you will find that you become a stronger person. this b/f needs a dose of reality and you deserve better than a 23 yr old jobless pot head. (sorry, got a little po'd) you can post here anytime and I am sure there are hundreds of us that would love to help you whenever you need it. Take care of YOU and know that you are not alone ever


morgan - December 27

I had my last period i beleive on the 18th of november.so should i just test or wait longer or what?


patty to morgan - December 27

all i can say is if you are pregnant and if you dont know how to take care of a baby then it would be better to adopt the baby out dont you agree the baby would have a better life with having two parents who can love and support it than one parent who cant afford it especially if you have to be on welfare im not trying to sound mean just concerned.


Lisa - December 27

You really need to take a pregnancy test or you are stressing yourself out for nothing. Don't start to panic until you need to.


:o - December 27

I think if you took a test now it should give you a correct result. Then, no matter what it comes out to be, go to a dr. You never know what else the guy could've given you other than a baby! I'd take a test tomorrow morning, then get a dr. appt. to have s.t.d. tests done by next week if I were you! Good luck!


Jbear - December 27

to Patty...no one knows how to take care of a baby before they have their first child...you have to learn when the baby comes. If someone adopts, they don't automatically know how to take care of the baby either. And so what if Morgan needs welfare for a little while...I'd rather my taxes bought medical care and food for a mother in need and her child than bombs, wouldn't you?


jg - December 27

Hey there A baby is such a miracle and as you said will change your life - in a good way! You sound like a really strong person and there are plenty of girls doing it alone without adopting their baby out. There is a lot of support in the community and hospitals. You can learn so much from ante-natal cla__ses and childrens clinics. Do the test (go to the doctors) - they can provide you with information about the support you can receive. If it is positive, you can make this a great experience by having a really good and positive outlook. Good luck.


To Patty - December 28

Im just wondering are you the same patty who has the (tell me your concern's) thread?you sound like her.and if you are you do need a life.


hey patty - December 28

dont tell this girl to give up her baby! whats wrong with you? SHe did say she WANTS to keep the baby! And she should because there is so much help out there, my mom did it on her own with me and my younger brother, with help and i respect her soo much for working and taking care of us, yes she did it with help but i got to be with my mom. ANd she took the responsibility of rasing us right and kept us safe. Im 36 weeks with my first and i love my baby sooooo very much and will give my life for my son, it is a very amazing feeling of carring a child and i hope things go well for you morgan. Get any help you need till you get on you feet.


KLC - December 28

Ok, what really annoys the hell out of me is when someone like Morgan comes on here and asks for help and advice and some a$$hole like Patty is rude for no reason. "dont you agree the baby would have a better life with having two parents who can love and support it than one parent " what kind of c___p is that?! Let me tell you something Patty.....I was a single mother of two boys for the first 2 years of their life and we may not have had all the material luxuries that some people have but those kids were rich in that they had all the love and support they could have asked for. They had me, their mother no matter what and they still do. As far as getting some help when you need it, isn't that what the system is there for? So that young mothers like Morgan don't have to feel like thay have no choice? We all have to pay taxes and I like Jbear said would much rather be paying to help a girl like Morgan and her baby than to pay for the war. Patty you are quite obviously a narrow minded person who faced with a situation like Morgan's wouldn't have the courage or the ability to do what she has decided to do if she is pregnant. You obviously feel that you need a man or a million dollars to take care of a baby. I feel sorry for you because you obviuosly aren't very smart. Morgan, keep your head up honey and remember things happen for a reason. If you are pregnant it is because you were meant to be..and trust me coming from personal experience you will learn everything you need to know as you go....there is a lot to be said for maternal instinct.


morgan - December 28

I got me a test from dollar general and i did get 2lines.so i guess that means i am in fact pregnant.i have not told the father.it's not like he would care or anything.and to patty i am pregnant me a young basiclly a single mother.ya i know nothing about raising kid's but i can learn.i already stated i would not give up my baby if i was pregnant.i can learn to be a good mother.i have a grandmother who is in good health and she will be supportive of me through out this pregnancy.and these ladies on here are right i would be better off taking care of my baby alone then trying to be with a pothead.so what if i need welfare not everyone is financially blest.and to you very supportive ladie's any advice on where to go from here i need it.i am completely open to all advice.im scared i dont know the first thing about being pregnant.maybe the test was wrong.how accurate are they?im nervous.


Betty - December 28

Sweet baby girl,your so young ,but you can handle it.I raised four boy's on my own with help from the state.I received food stamps,medicade and voucher's for the food pantry.I knew i needed the help and i was not ashamed because i knew i was getting my kid's medical care and food in their tummy's.Dont let anyone put you down and make you feel like you are nothing.Because to that baby you are going to be everything.



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