I Know I Ovulate But

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cg - December 7

I know that I ovulate, but I have very little CM. Could this be why we are haing trouble ttc? If so, what should DH & I do about it?


Shawna - December 7

Some folks take Robitussin cough syrup to increase CM, but I'm not sure of the amounts. Staying well-hydrated can help as well. Are you checking your CM from the inside, with two fingers inserted the stretched once outside to check consistency, or just checking the tissue when you wipe? I didn't appear to have much if checked externally, but internally I did. The good "egg white" CM was obvious when stretched between the two fingers, but I would not have noticed it is just checking the tissue. Also, it may increase dramatically when you're aroused, so be sure to have much foreplay before s_x. Hormonal imbalances could be another cause... if you see your doctor or R.E. soon you might want to ask. I have dealt with infertility for years, and so know how frustrating it can be... please take care, and good luck!


Shawna - December 7

I just notcied a post farther down the page about Robitussin. That could be your post, even, since it is by "Christina" and your intials are "cg." I feel silly now for recommending Robitussin!


Shawna - December 7

Thanks! You're in the clear, the Robitussin post is not mine, although I am going to take it this month! I always just check externally for CM, I have never done internally. Does it make a big difference? When DH & I bd there is never any dryness...we don't use lube or anything, & we are always both aroused! Do you think that maybe my CM is all on the inside? Is this still ok for conception, or should we try pre seed? Thanks for your help!!


cg - December 8

Shawna...I think that I have offically lost my mind! I am so sorry for typing your name in the "name" section! Christmas vacation can't come soon enough! :)



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