I Know I Should Tell Him But

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Nina - April 6

I’ve been with my boyfriend for sometime now and one day my ex came back in to town and this was the man that I was suppose to marry and I was so in love with him, but then he broke up with me so after some time I got over him ….Well when he came back into town he came by and we talked and he told me how he was sorry and that he wanted to be with me and loved me …we got caught in the moment and a night of passionate romance… a few nights later I had some good love with my man and is was great . In the back of my mind I knew I was wrong for what I did but I cant change the past….When I slept with my ex we used protection and he pulled out.I did a little of some checking my self and there was not holes on any spills …I went to the doctors and they gave me the date that I conceived and YES it is my b/f … But the questions is should I tell him of not? I know what I’m going to do but I wanted a few opinions


Rachel* - April 6

Some things are better left unsaid. What will you gain if you tell him? Learn from this and don't do it again!


kay - April 6

If there is a possiblity that he can find out I would say yes, if there is no way he can find out then NO. This would only complicate matters and he may doubt he is the father. Sometimes what they dont know wont hurt, and take it from me they dont tell everything (that is from experience). I almost lost the man I love from telling him I spent time with my ex(although nothing happened) to clear up some loose ends. Be careful it was a tough time !!!. All the best


kay - April 6

Sorry, one more option if you can deny it if he fines out (there is no proof) then NO..... LOL


Jena - April 6

there are always things I don't want to tell my hubby (latest shopping spree, etc.) but somehow he ALWAYS finds out - and then it is worse. So, adding to Kay's comment, will he find out? Is there ANY way? If there is ANY way at all, you HAVE to tell him. If not, then it's totally up to you - I can't imagine how scared you are - I get scared about $200 at Nordstrom :). GL!!! And sometime, since you said you already decided, you have to let us know what that decision is!!


toes - April 6

another option might be a method I like to call selective truth-telling..Honey, are you late coming home from work because you stopped and had a beer with your friends? Why, no dear. (I had 3, not one). The best part is guys don't generally expect it from women. :)


Misty - April 6

Ohhhh, what is it with guys and word games. My brother always did that to me. "Mommy, Eddie hit me." "No I didn't." (it was the shoe that did it so he didn't hit me right?) Word games. They drive me nuts. It might not work out good in her case though if she did it either. "honey, were you late a while ago because you slept with your ex?" "No, baby of course not" (she didn't sleep with him she fu**ed him) But if he asks that question he knows the answer and is just confronting her. So that means he already knows she decieved him. To then lie on top of it would probably make things unsavable. That doesn't mean I think you should tell him because I don't. But I don't think you should lie if he confronts you either.


kenya mama - April 6

You made a mistake, but I don't think I would tell him. Neither of you gain anything by telling him and you NEED each other right now. Like Kay said, if he will find out anyway, better to find out from you, but if he won't, don't ruin a good relationship!


to nina - April 7

i think you should tell him...ive been lied to and it hurts and i would want to know....i just dont agree with keeping secrets....my theory is we have a right to know all the facts and make our own decision whether or not to stick around...not to have someone else make it for us....but thats just me...good luck....


JLorenzo - April 7

I agree with the last writer on this one. I have been lied to and you don't want to live your life with lies. And imagine how he will take it if he somehow finds out? Not only was he cheated on but he was lied to as well. You may have a better shot of working things out if you tell him the truth. But that is just my opinion. My buddy cheated on his fiance once and decided not to tell. But he lost alot of sleep wondering if she would find out...


gradma - April 7

well you should have not cheated in the first place, because if you had a good man why cheat on him. i thing if your bf love you so much he will understand if you tell him the true but then again you are pregnant just keep it to your self in dont let it happen again. that is your best bet!



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