I Looked At A Really Hot Guy Could I Be Pregnant

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Stupid-ass - May 20

Could I?


of course! - May 20

men ejaculate out of their eyes...so if you made eye contact it is quite possible that you could be...you are able to tell like a day after this happens, so you should take a test! good luck to you!


Stupid-a__s - May 20

He didn't make eye contact with me, but we did rub shoulders and it made me blush. Should I still be worried?


Well..... - May 20

there you have it! Actual proof that people CAN and DO waste brain cells on mindless dribble....


Misty - May 20

You can get dandruff from brushin sholders with him. If he had flakes it could get in your hair and infect you with dandruff. You just need to be carefull that he doesn't have s_x with you with is eyes, that and if he sneezed...


worried - May 20

a guy slapped me on the a__s the other day, does that mean i could be pregnant. i am 13 days late, but i dont know how to work those pregnancy test thing-ies, so i thought maybe yall could tell me if im pregnant. huh?? do ya think?? im only 11 yrs old but i KNOW im mature enough to have a baby


viv - May 20

you all are hilarious


To worried - May 20

a__s slapping is perfectly safe as long as you are wearing polyester.


Misty - May 20

You have to be carefull with people doing that though to, when you get pregnant from someone touching your b___t you have to poop on the HPT to get a correct result. It gets kinda messy.


April - May 20

hahahahahaha.... I love this post!


hmmm - May 20

It depends on how long you looked. If it was just a glance you might be safe. If you looked at him for less than 30 seconds than you have a 50% chance. A lingering gaze would be about a 75% chance. If you ogled him you are screwed. Not only are you pregnant you need to pray for forgiveness.


it depends... - May 20

were your eyeb___s ovulating?


Stephanie - May 20

If he winked at you, your pregnant with twins.


Karen - May 20

You guys are the best. This really cracks me up. I know that whoever posted this is just looking for some laughs. Very good ladies. I have a question what will happen if she kiss him ?


Karen - May 20

Well I looked a a really really hot guy yesterday !! What is gonna happen ? cause I am already pregnant. Will my baby be for the guy I scewed or the hot one I looked at ?


Penn - May 20

If the guy kiss you,you'll not only get pregnant but get a bad breath. He he he he.


dar920 - May 20

FOTFLMAO!!! I hope you used a condom on your tongue when you kissed otherwise you could get the clap!



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