I Love My Dog Anybody Feel The Same

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mercedes - November 13

Hi there, I was just wondering if anybody out there feel the same...I've been reading a lot of posts today to the contrary and to be quite honest some of them made me teary eyed...I love my dog, I would NEVER get rid of him!!! He's been very affectionate almost from the very beginning of my pregnancy, I'm sure he knew all along (I started suspecting sg. was up when he kept following me around, acting very protective around me - NOT aggressive!)...I'm pretty sure he'll be fine with the baby (I just know), and I'm happy that my child will have the chance to grow up with such wonderful family member around...So, if any of you girls have any cute stories about your pets, I would love to hear from you...Thanks


Lisa - November 13

Well, I have two female Minature Schnuazers named Shiraz and Merlot and I absolutely love them. I could never give them up, I love them too much. Of course they are far from aggressive so I don't have to worry about that. I think they will be great when the baby comes!


Miloswife - November 13

I have a Black Lab Mix between a year and a year and a haf and an 8 month old Yellow Lab They are both very sweet dogs the yellow lab we have chewing issues with and hyper issues but when he is calm he is one of the sweetest dogs alls he want is for you to love on him. As long as the yellow lab stops chewing holes in my walls we wont get rid of him (he has chewed three holes in my walls and I pray that he stops because i dont want to get rid of him) i also have two cats and they are something else they are brothers and the one is half siamese he is the most beautiful cat i have ever seen but he drives me up a wall ever since i got prego he is horrible he crys all the time, he always used to cry at times Like when he wants attention but now he follows me every where and meows the whole time its almost like he is trying to say he im here and im not going to let any one hurt you lol he is driving me crazy but he is sweet


>B> - November 13

I have a miniature dachshund that's been like a child for 8 years. I love him to death! He is like a little prince and although everyone says oh, you'll see, he'll lose his status when your baby comes, I beg to differ. For me, it'll be like having two babies now. This dog has been there for me through a lot of hardship. He'll be given his due attention until the end.


to B - November 13

I totally agree with what you are saying, B, I feel the same..People keep telling me the same thing, but it's just never gonna be like that...I love my dog and he will always get my attention and yes, he is my little 'baby' as well...(Not the same as the real one, of course, but still...) Dogz rule!


Eryn - November 13

I was the same way I would never get rid of my dog unless she got aggressive with the baby. She is acturally very protective of her and I think most dogs become that way once they get use to the baby.


jb - November 13

LOVE my puppy!!!! Would never get rid of her unless I thought she would hurt the baby. She was a very bad girl today and chewed up her 2nd pair of baby shoes that were in the nursery, but I still love her, and wouldnt get rid of her!!!!!!!! (she did get yelled at though) :o)


Stephanie - November 13

Hi ladies, I have a 4 year old German Shepherd that is a big baby. He is sweet, but he is a male dominant dog. With training with "dad" he is doing better. We have read a lot about babies and dogs. It is safe to have dogs around babies as long as you use your common sense, and have the balance of giving the dog affection as well. We too could not imagine life without him, but if he does get aggressive we would have to make atough decision. He loves camping, hiking, cuddling- can you picture it- a big Shepard wanting to cuddle with us- quite cute. Good luck ladies with everything.


Lisa - November 13

My schnauzers love camping too! We have some oceanfront property that we are keeping a woodlot right now till we build and we camp there. Our dogs chase the birds and play in the sand, swim in the ocean and try to eat the waves, it's really cute. At night they sit on our laps infront of the fire and cuddle up, then do the same in our tent. They each climb into our sleeping bags and curl up. I love my dogs. They've been really good with other babies so far trying to lick their face and sniffing, I think mine will be OK. I have a trick when I bring the baby home, I'm going to let my mother walk in the house with the baby so it won't look like I am bringing her in. It worked when I brought home the youngest dog and the other accepted her right away...


DOGGIE - November 13

RUFF RUFF, BOW WOW, BARK! ~SLOBBERS~ LICK LICK, HOWL!!!!! PET ME PET ME PET ME! ~foot thumps with happiness~ LOL!


Lisa - To lala - November 13

What I really hate is people who have children that run up to my dogs screaming and terrifying my little animals. I've actually had to physically put my hand on a child's chest and move him away as he was trying to kick my dogs. Just my two cents.


to miloswife - November 14

Your yellow lab should stop the chewing soon. I have a chocolate lab that chewed EVERYTHING in the house. The walls, the trim the carpet. He basically stopped at 2 years old. Have you tried the sour apple spray? I tdidn't work for me, not even the tabasco sauce he loved it. But as he got older and had more toys to chew on he stopped chewing furniture and walls. Good luck to you.


Cathy - November 14

I have a chocolate lab/ pit bull mix. He is 3 years old and the most amazing animal. He is very sensitive to my moods and everything. If I raise my voice to my husband he goes and lays down in my bed until I call him. If he even thinks we are going to argue he leaves theroom. when we (dh and I) hug and kiss and talk nice to each other, he sits there and stares at us with his tail wagging. He is so precious, granted he is still a pup so he has some jumping issue but nothign that I am concerned about. I love him so much, I cann't wait until my son gets to meet him. They will be best friends.


To Lisa - November 14

I couldn't agree with you more...I hate people who have irrational fears and anxieties about dogs and then blame the dogs for being this way...They can't handle dogs, they are the ones that treat them as some inferior dumb animals and then are surprised at the response they get...Dogs are wonderful animals, they have feelings too, and if I saw ANYONE being cruel to a dog I would definitely interfere...


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 14

My dogs are every bit my babies as my son is. They are so spoiled! They love Lucas and I know they would never hurt him. I would never get rid of them. I love them so much! I believe if they are raised with love and discipline, any dog can be gentle and caring. They love their humans and raising them right is the same as raising your kids right. I have a 2 yr old shepard-chow mix and a one year old pek-a-pom-a roodle/jack russell terrier and they have their moments where they are mischievous, but so do children. They are the sweetest dogs ever and are a huge part of our family. I cannot wait to see them grow up along with my son. They will be the best of friends!


kris A. - November 14

True story - I had a red doberman male that was very big and I heard nothing but horror stories on how he was gonna hurt our babies (2 year old and 6 month old twins at the time)... anyway, one day Kona kept running in and out of the house, looking at me, and then running back out. I go outside and about had a heart attack - my two year old had dragged a lawn chair over to the above ground pool climbed inside the pool and was hanging on the edge just laughing. We always removed the ladder, and never thought she would think to drag a chair over. I pulled her out, and the pool came down THAT DAY. Kona got a few extra treats for awhile. He considered it his duty to watch over "his babies"...


Kendra - November 14

I have a dachshund, and he is very protective of me, in that we've been together for a long time now, and I'm just kinda the only one he really likes. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm going to have to get rid of him because he's going to hurt the baby, and I just won't have time for him...blah, blah, blah. This seems a bit silly to me. The dog's two inches from the ground people, what are the odds that I'm going to put the baby on the floor, and go out for awhile. I mean free babysitting's great, but even I have standards. The point is, he's a little dog, and I'm a human, and if I don't want the dog to have access to the baby...I'm pretty sure I have the upper hand there. Why I've got the only hand..with thumbs no less.



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