I Love Sushi

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leslie - March 4

I have heard that its bad eating tuna while pregnant, the thing is I love sushi, Can I eat it or it will harm the baby?


P - March 4

Some tuna is known to have high levels of mercury. I think it is recommended that you limit your intake of any kind of seafood to no more than a couple of times a week. I don't know if there are any other issues a__sociated with seafood or sushi. Check with your doctor and there are internet sites that can also help.


rose - March 4

i am not 100 % sure but i have heard that you cannot eat sushi while pregnant...i think shellfish poses a risk to the baby also


P - March 4

I read some things on the internet and every one of them said it is not a good idea to eat sushi. They said canned light tuna was okay once a week but you shouldn't eat the same type of seafood more then twice in a week. Either because of mercury content or a bacteria called Listeria. It's also found in soft cheeses like camembert and brie.


lovely - March 4

You absolutely should NOT eat sushi- the raw kind. Eat cooked sushi varieties all you like, but stay away from ANYTHING raw. This goes, too even for beef! No more rare steaks until after the baby comes! With tuna, it is specifically tuna steaks. Canned fish of all kinds are safe, due to the sterilization during the canning process. "P" was right about the bacteria, It's also in some pate's!


leslie - March 4

and to think that I always order medium-rare steaks...well its all for the baby's good!! I just can't eat anything that I like! :(


kaye - March 5

Sorry, sushi from a shop should be off your menu until you stop b___stfeeding. It's because of the listeria bacteria which can cause severe birth defects and miscarriage. Although it is the raw fish that carries it, even vege sushi prepared on the same surface can pick up the bacteria, so should be avoided. There isn't a problem eating sushi that is prepared by you at home on a clean surface. I know about this because I too love sushi and can't imagine going without it for so long!


fran - April 4

it really sucks because im a sushi lover too but no sushi until after birth and b___st feeding


Lisa - July 15

First, do you like sushi (cooked)or sushimi (raw fish). It is not reccommended to eat sushimi (raw) because of risks of tapeworm or high mercury levels from large fresh water fish but sushi is fully cooked with steamed rice and veggies. I am pregnant and curious about the pickled ginger and wasbi( green japanese horseradish) and its effects on pregnancy?


Rachel - July 15

I know you CAN'T eat raw fish, which some sushi contains. (Some sushi is just rice, seaweed, and vegetables.) It is very, very important not to consume raw fish for the safety of your baby. You could get very serious food poisioning (may not have symptoms) but can cause brain damage, etc. Please don't do it for the safety and health of your baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Natalie - August 2

Can Pregnant woman can have sushi?


to natalie - August 2

read the posts above


randi - August 3

sushi is raw meat, no raw meats


Jamie - August 3

I just asked my doctor this morning, as my husband's company is taking us to a sushi bar tomorrow, to celebrate my husband's promotion - I'm 38 weeks, and doctor said I could eat sushi without harming the baby, but I ran the risk of gastro-intestinal infection.


HDF - August 3

From what I understand of the no sushi while pregnant, it's not that the sushi could harm the baby. (your baby will get what he/she needs regardless) It can give you a parasite which can make you very ill. I ate a california roll while pregnant...which has crab in it, but the crab is cooked just cold. I was a bit too afraid to eat anything else. I already feel horrible enough without getting diaherrea.


MJM - August 3

I am a sushi lover also. I asked my DR and she said only the cooked rolls we can eat. Sometimes there is parasites in the raw fish. So you have to wait to eat the raw stuff until after the baby arrives. I know it sucks but it will taste that much better when you get to eat it again.


Angela - August 3

Don't eat it. Tuna contains high levels of mercury and it can cause autism as well as other neurological problems. The FDA put out a weak advisory that said pregnant women should limit their consumption to a certain amount a week, but they have been heavily criticized for not being more protective and for trying to protect the canned tuna industry (which puts a lot of money into lobbying the government). Talk to any neurological doctor who deals with mercury poisoning and they'll tell you it's not worth the risk to eat tuna or swordfish while you're pregant (or trying to get pregnant)



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