I M 4 4 Weeks Preg Hcg Level 1315 Nothing In Uterus

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shinda - November 3

Hello ladies, I'm 4.4 weeks pregnant and expericing left side colicky pain and lower back pain. My 1st hcg level revealed 1315 and my va___al ultrasound revealed nothing. I'm concerned and trying to stay positive for the hcg results tommorow. I guess i;m concerned because this is my 6th pregnancy, only one resulting in a beautiful baby boy. I hope someone has some insight. I'm staying prayful that this will turn into another wonderful child.


Sarah - November 9

Shinda... those are VERY strong numbers! I have learned that you cannot even see ANYTHING, not even the gest. sac UNTIL about 4.5 weeks... so you were right there! I can almost guarantee that if you go back for another u/s in 2 weeks from that one.. you are sure to see a healthy pregnancy developing!


Dear Shinda - November 9

It is way too early....don't worry! Your numbers are great. Just wait, it sounds like everything will be fine. Good luck and God bless..........


m - November 9

Shinda, I bet everything is fine. I'm going to go out on a limb, and I may get lynched for this... but I have heard that sometimes doctors think they see "nothing" by vag u/s, and suggest D & C, when there was most likely a baby there. The other ladies are right, it is so early that there isn't much of a chance you'd see anything anyway! Don't worry. And DO NOT let your doc tell you that you need a D & C until you give it time. Like Sarah said, have another when you are 6-8 weeks along and you should see your little peanut!


Amanda - November 9

Shinda, I went through this exact same thing. I had an u/s at 5 weeks and they saw nothing. They monitored my HCG levels for the next week and a half and they kept rising. I had spotted and cramped in between all the monitoring so they were even more concerned. But when I went back for u/s at 6.5 weeks they saw the baby and heartbeat. I am now 15.3 weeks and had an u/s last week and everything is still great. They told me that it was too early to see baby at first u/s, they did it then though cause going by my LMP I was almost 8 weeks, but since I am irregular I was only 5 at that time. Hope this helps you some!! Let us know how it goes!!


angel_one - November 9

amanda, i had the same dates problem too, my lmp was 14 weeks before hand9at the time of the u/s, so the doc was asking when was lmp im like ...... 14 weeks ago, and she felt my belly and said you arnt 14 weeks!!, told me to have scan, scan told us i was 7 weeks!


shinda - November 16

Thank you ladies for all of your positive support. Sorry it has been awhile since I logged on we have been out of town. I did have another u/s and it revealed a sac and the hcg level was 4400. I have an appointment tomorrow and we are praying there is a baby and a heartbeat. I feel very confident there will be, because I know God is in total control.


m - November 17

Shinda, I'm so happy to hear your good news! Keep us posted.


shannan - November 19

i was on clomid and didnt get pregnant even took a 150 mg for five days what else can i do to get pregnant i have been trying for 4 years i have one child he is 8 now but my first pregnacy was a miscarriage they give me a dnc and i got pregnant like 6 months later but my doctor said i didnt need a dnc what else can i do to get pregnant i am tried of giving these doctors all my money and not getting any result can some one plz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


yissy - November 22

hi ladies i have ? i was expecting my period nov. 9 but on the 15 i began spotting brown but only when i wipe i was like that until the 19 i when to the dr. on the 20 he did an u/s and told me that i was not pregnant because he dint see anything and that he saw a cyst and he gave me pills so that my period can star but know im scare because of what a read here i was pretty sure i was pregnant know im confussed


Missy - November 22

Hi Shinda, Please keep us posted there are alot of people going thru the same thing as you.....Including myself, I'll pray for you!



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