I M Afraid That I Am Going To Faint At My Next Prenatal Visi

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Colleen - December 14

Can anyone tell me things I can do to help me relax when I go to the ob for my visits? I'm not feeling that well from my "morning sickness" and I got so nervous at my first appointment that I fainted when they explained to me all the tests and things they were going to do to me. I'm so nervous that I am afraid I am going to faint at my next 4 week appointment. Can someone help me?


Drew - December 15

Uggh, morning sickness can sure do a number on a person huh? Are you normally nervous at the doctor office? I would share this with your doctor, and maybe he can help ease your anxiety, these appointments are really important. But keep in mind, the tests really are not all that bad. You probably will be given a pap, and you know what to expect from those, and you will also get some blood work done. And ultrasounds are a breeze, and a way to get a glimpse of your baby. Sorry, I can't make too many suggestions on how to relax cause I'm not really sure exactly what your afraid of. But remember, the test's they do are pretty easy to get through. Good luck, hope your appointment goes well...no fainting! :)


jayne - December 15

hi colleen, i used to faint constantly when pregnant with my second child. I fainted on the underground, in the doctors office etc. Became really embarrasing. I just tried to keep my clothes cool, because I found if I was too warm it made me worse. I tried to eat something light before I went out because if I was feeling nauseauos I always fainted. Try taking some cold mineral water or mints to suck with you. Try and breathe deeply and try not to worry, hope this helps


Beth - December 15

Good suggestions - but if you do pa__s out - you're in the safest place to do it! Just explain to your doctor beforehand, what you're dealing with. He'll understand.



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