I M Baptist He Catholic

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~s~ - April 15

My husband knew when we first started dating that I was baptist and REFUSED to convert...now we are married and TTC but he says he wants our children to attend a catholic school....I am completly against this! He went to church with me one time and bashed EVERYTHING! I'll compromise on many thing, but not religion. Any suggestions on how to resolve this situation?


~S~ - April 15

Sorry for all the typo's...


Lynn - April 15

Who is going to be the parent who takes them to church, helps them with their youth group activities, etc,etc? Were you married in a baptist or catholic ceremony? I am episcopal, went to a catholic high school... so I know all about the cathoic religion. I made it very clear that our children would be episcopal & he said o.k. If your husband is catholic.. was he raise to 'bash" other religions? that's not how I want my kids raised. I would juts put my foot down. You can raise them baptist, take them to baptist services and still send them to a catholic school... that doesn't make them catholic, what you teach at home is what they will be.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 15

Boy can i relate. I am not Catholic but my husband is. This has been a point of contention with us since we married. Here is what we decided on. We had our son christened in the catholic church with one catholic godparent and one methoidst godparent. We feel it is very important for our son to be exposed to different denominations so he can choose what is right for him. My son also attends catholic preschool and it is great. They talk about God and Jesus not being Catholic. My husband is also a teacher at the school and I love that he is so close to my son. My son will continue going there unless he chooses not too. Good luck....


Missy - April 15

My fiance is Catholic and I am not. As I am not religious myself and my family, though not particularly religious, is Christian, I have agreed that the baby will be Catholic. His mother and sister are very religious and I feel that at least this way the baby will be exposed to people who is the same religion as he/she is and have a way to bond with his side of the family as they live further away and my family is close. I will expose our child to other religions and support whatever decision he/she makes, but it is important to my fiance that the baby is baptised Catholic as it is the tradition in his family and he is the first born son. ~s~ this is something you really need to sit down with him and discuss. Maybe you guys can work out something like Sonya. Good luck!!! ~~edd 10/2/05


April - April 15

You're in the exact same situation my mom was in. My mom was Baptist, my dad Catholic. My grandma (dad's mom) tried and tried to get my mom to raise my sister and I Catholic, but mom wouldn't hear of it. We were raised Baptist, and thank God, because from what I know of the Catholic faith, I am better suited for Baptist. (no offence to Catholics, I just agree more with what Baptists preach) So just stay strong. If I were in your situation there's no way I would let my kids attend a catholic school either. But if neither of you can compramise, and you're both rock solid in your faith, just teach them both sides.. and when they're old enough to choose for themselves, they will.


Kelly - May 1

Hey, I understand your concerns. I was raised in a catholic church, but never understand the way he preached. Now 26 years later, found Christ, and He lives in me. My three Kid's were baptized in a catholic church, because Grandma saying. (keep from going to hell) Not.. Now that I've been going to a Baptist Church, I beleive that the Gospel is being taught, and Salvation is everything, not the 7 Sacraments the Catholic churches teach. So I say from someone who was going to church, and the kid's too, they love and UNDERSTAND what Jesus wants us to do. And that is the most important reason than anything else. The sad thing is, people are being to Religous... And that my sister in Christ is what killed Jesus our Savior. not the Jews the Priest, that didn't like what God sent him to do.... I would ask God what he wants you to do, and He is a Faithful God, He will answer... God be with you all..


Jessy - May 1

Hey, darkness has nothing to do w/light and be not unequally yoked and do not be yolked w/unbelievers...does any of this ring a bell? It should if you're really Baptist (Christian)and you should have resolved the religion thing BEFORE marriage...Does he believe that Christ died for his sins and is the son of God..and has he accepted HIM as his Savior...if neither of yall have done this than your religion and what your kids are taught is all just fluffy religion and doesn't really matter...the RELATIONSHIP w/JESUS is what REALLY COUNTS...so if they go to Catholic school and are taught this than I'd say it's fine...you just be the main teacher of your own children and you will be fine...I myself am doing homeschooling...my kids' understanding of God will come STRAIGHT FROM THE BIBLE...NOT SOME TEACHER in school...this is the way to get your kids properly grounded in their faith...YOU teach them...if you don't know your own faith enough to teach...then LEARN...in your case...from THE BIBLE...your husband...well...just don't let them think praying to saints is going to help any, because the 1st and foremost commandment of GOD is HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME...so that means...DON'T PRAY TO ANYONE BUT HIM-HE IS GOD...and the second is HAVE NO IDOLS BEFORE HIM...that means NO BOWING YOUR KNEES TO DEAD IDOLS...EVEN IDOLS OF JESUS...and MARY...c'mon...SHE WAS HUMAN!! A WONDERFUL SERVANT OF GOD-HE CHOSE TO USE HER JUST LIKE NOAH, ABRAHAM and MOSES...sure they're revered...as she is...but not a DEITY!! So...to end..YOU LEARN the TRUTH for YOURSELF and GET YOURSELF right w/GOD and then talk to your husband about all you've learned...study the catholic church and read the entire Bible...you will see how they contradict..that's what Martin Luthor did and all those other Protestants of the Catholic church who many of them were burned at the stake for their rejection of Catholicism...but they couldn't do it UNTIL they READ THE BIBLE FOR THEMSELVES and STOPPED RELYING ON PRIESTS AND PREACHERS FOR THE TRUTH...and we didn't get out of that dark age until the BIBLE was printed in common language for all the commoners to read for themselves...this was in the 16th century when the PRESS was invented...good luck studying!!



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