I M Only 17 I Don T Know What To Honestly Think

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jaimmy - February 21

Hey everyone...i'm only 17, yes i know young. I don't know how to figure out weather or not i'm pregnant. I was suppose to start around Feb. 2 and never did? Is it possible to be this late just because I keep thinking/stressing about it? I had alot of s_x threw jan. & only a couple times during feb. (all uprotected &he did nut in me everytime). But I have done this before and I never for pregnant any of the other times...I keep thinking i'm going to start & I think I have cramps? I don't know what to think!! Could I be or is it in my head?


Belief - February 21

You should buy a HPT to see or go to a doctor. Stress, exercise, illnesses, etc. plays a role in your cylce. Are you normally regular?


Grandpa Viv - February 21

Lots of exposure! You will be pregnant soon, if not now. The only sign you mention is 3 weeks late. Not tired, wet, peeing, lightheaded, nauseous, ga__sy, dreams, emotional etc?. You may have skipped an ovulation. Take a couple of home preg tests (Dollar Store work fine) and call the doc or clinic if your next period does not show when expected. Good luck!


jaimmy - February 21

No i've been irregular for a couple months now...but me and him (my boyfriend) the only one i've ever done something like this with have been having s_x without a condom for MONTHS and MONTHS but I was never pregnant, my periods wouldn't start on the right day I would usually be late..but I figured it had to do with stress? Yah I am tired alot & I did feel nauseated for 3 or 4 days last week just kinda blah latley & my breats aren't VERY sore but they are kinda but then again its not an everyday thing...haha emotional, YES very much mody but I also get that way before I usually start. What do you mean wet? I thought I was going to start earlier this month cause I felt cramps & always before i start i'll get dizzy when I stand up & that clearish white stuff that usually comes out stopped & then it all went away & the clearish white stuff started coming again... but now that cramps have started again & same with the dizzyness. & That white stuff isn't comeing out anymore like it was last week. I can't go to the doctor both of my parents would be heart broken if they EVER knew what was going on..


sdillon78 - February 21

Don't go to the dr. look in the phone book for a planned parenthood..they are free and don't tell your parents or anything. It really sounds like you are though to be honest....the discharge that you are having is usually due to the hormones changing in your body due to the pregnancy. The only other time you have this usually is during ovulation. Do you remember this type of discharge when yall had unprotected s_x? Just a question, why are you letting him "go" inside you? I mean not that the pull out method is GREAT but at least it is a little better....I know I should be saying condoms, but most men do not like them, but they would if they new the seriousness of getting pregnant!! And having to take care of a baby. If you are lucky enough to NOT be pregnant, you need to talk to him about this! I hope you are not going through the stress of waiting a lone and you have told him, he needs to worry with you!! Then maybe next time you will want to be more careful. You are only 17, don't take your future away from you, school, marriage, then comes the baby! I am sure that is what your parents want for you as well!


denimb__terfly - February 21

Please get tested and start thinking of some sort of birth control even if it is just the pull out method. Seriously, for your sake!


jaimmy - February 21

Yah but how come the discharged stopped, started, and now has stopped again? I don't know why i let him? i guess i don't think about stuff till something like this happens... I know of a planned parenthood but my grandma volenteers their & she is a VERYYY religious person and even tho your not allowed to say anything i'm pretty sure she would say something to my mom & I wanna know but thein again i don't because I think its all in my head.


crackersforme - February 21

Jaimmy.....I was due the exact same day as you & am still late....20 days late...& tested negative on a HPT again this morning. I had a slight pos. back around when I was due, but then spotted for a day & a 1/2. Symptoms are VERY strong still, but I can't get to a doctor to the end of the month to see what's going on. All I know is I've NEVER been late & am cramping lightly every day/every other day off & on. Not painful..just there.


crackersforme - February 21

Also wanted to add...I also have the milky white discharge off & on..which I don't remember having this much of before.


jaimmy - February 21

yah thats why i'm kinda confused? why would it go away come back and go away again (the discharge)?? I really think its just that i'm so worried/stressed about maybe being pregnant thats the reason that I havn't started..


jaimmy - February 21

I have a couple more questions...IF i am pregnant i go tanning usually every monday threw friday for 15 mins each day, in tanning beds and use tanning lotion is this ok to keep doing? And i always take Adderall for ADD monday threw friday, is it ok to take the same medicine consistantly like this? And will either of these to things harm the baby?


crackersforme - February 21

I have no clue about the tanning. But I do know that I am under no more stress than usual & it's never delayed my periods before. To me...if I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant, if not ...I'm not. No stress about it.


jaimmy - February 21

Thanks anyways...And its not that i'm all that (worried/stressed) its just that i keep thinking about it.


anniebananie - February 21

I would buy a cheap pregnancy test, and test!! Discharge happens frequently, when you are pregnant, and when you are not, I would not look at that as a sign. Please, please, please use protection if you want to avoid pregnancy. I have so many friends that got pregnant accidentally -using the "pull out method" and just "thinking that it would never happen because it hadn't happened before." Believe me if you continue like this, it WILL happen. If you have been having unprotected s_x and never gotten pregnant, you are lucky. If you boyfriend doesn't like condoms then use the pill. You can go to a Planned Parenthood confidentially (and practically free) and get some pills or condoms. Please be safe and smart.


jaimmy - February 21

Its not that i don't want to be pregnant...I wanted to for awhile but now that all this is going on i don't know what to think. I honestly thought either him or me couldn't have kids because we've had s_x so much without a condom and he has c_m in me so many times before, we've been doing this since probably mid year of 06. And i don't want to feel stupid and this all be in my head..I don't want to know if I am..I keep thinking ok just wait a couple more days and if i don't start i'll take a test but i've been doing that pretty much this whole month, i keep thinking i could start any day now.


Melissa30 - February 22

Jaimmy don't automatically a__sume that because you have s_x frequently and have never become pregnant you are sterile or your bf is sterile. It took my husband and I 4 years to concieve the son I am carrying, my best friend, it took her ten years to finally become pregnant. It is possible that you guys kept just missing the egg, but this time your luck ran out. Buy a cheap test and find out. If you are pregnant stressing yourself out with worry is not good for the baby.


sdillon78 - February 22

Just buy a TEST!!!! I am sure you have $1 and go to the dollar store and TEST!!! Get it over with! And just because you weren't getting pregnant all the other times, it has to be that right 3-4 days....so you obviously were not getting those days, but maybe you did now!!! Man I will buy you a test and send it to you! You need to do something and stop WAITING!!!!



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