I M So Excited

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Rachel - November 3

I'm getting a 3D ultrasound today, I've been waiting for over a month because I had to wait until I was at leat 26 weeks, and its finally here! Has anybody else had one done? How did yours go? And how is everybody doing? Good luck to everybody!


April - November 3

Rachel, I've never had one but I am getting one myself in December. Let me know how it goes!!!! Good luck!


rl - November 3

I had one done and it is great you see your little one so clear it is amazing and the pics are just wonderful....I was lucky I guess my insurance paid for mine due to I am 35yrs old now and concidered high risk so I had to have it done....fine with me now I know my little guy is healthy and fine plus I got to see the most amazing pics of him!! Have fun you will never forget it!!


YC - November 3

Hi Rachel, I had one and love the pictures. It really is neat. You can make out all the features. My little one looks just like her daddy. I was 31 weeks when I had it done and it was pretty crowded in there. She had a hand or a foot in front of some part of her face in every picture. We had to walk around for 20 minutes and drink cold water to try to get her to change positions. It worked and we got one clear shot. It was worth it though! We got 4 color pictures, 15 black and white pictures and a 15 minute DVD with our package for $95.


L - November 3

I had one done at 27 weeks, it was pretty cool but his hands and feet were in front of his face until about the last five minutes so it was kind of disappointing. We did get a couple good shots of his face though. But it is fun afterwards to try and guess what they look like and whos features they have. You will like it, good luck!!!


Janice - November 3

I had it done at 33 weeks, it is so much fun to see your little one...My baby looks just like her father also, same nose, lips and cheeks! It makes it seen real for the man to actually see the little baby, you know because they cant feel all the movements and stuff. You will really enjoy it!


Rachel - November 4

Omg, it was amazing, his little hand was covering his face a lot, and his foot was always right there, but we got some good face shots. Altogether it was $135 and I got like 30 min, a dvd, vhs, cd, and 44 pictures lol, it was quite expensive, but so worth it!



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