I M So Freaking Mad

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Christy - October 29

Okay ladies I just have to vent and get your opinion. I'm shopping at the mall with my 5 & 6 year old today. We are walking past Sage Sport and my daughter noticed something in the widow. It was one of the employees sitting still in the window with a scary mask on. He did not look real at all. As we are turning around he jumps at the glass and scared her half to death. She was very upset and on the verge of tears. We walk away and I'm explaining to her it's just a person with a mask on. When I turned around I saw him coming out of the window and taking off the mask. I was so mad, how dare he try to scare my daughter! So, about this time my husband walks up, I hand over my children and go in the store asking this guy "Do you enjoy scaring 6 year old little girls?" He starts waving his arms all around, beating them on his chest and acting like he is gonna hit me!!!! I am very clearly 7 months pregnant with 2 children along, nobody is gonna convince me he was afraid of me! Then the other guy who works in the store is telling me if I ever step in the store again he will have me arrested for trespassing!!!!! I can't believe it. First to scare a child and then to practically assault her mother. What kind of establishment is this? Thanks for letting me vent.


%%% - October 29

honest they did nothing wrong just advertising hallowen are you gonna keep you kids in for hallowwen night and lock your dorr ?? they might get scared and it will be the trick or treaters fault


ok lady - October 29

take a chill pill lady,i seriously doubt the guy was going to hit you,i mean come on!he was at work doing his job,ya its halloween time thats the biggest part of it scaring and being scared.


lily - October 29

sounds to me like you better keep your kids locked up til after halloween.what about thanksgiving be careful she may get gobbled up by a big ol turkey.watch out for christmas you dont want jolly ole saint nick to sit on her and crush her do you.or rudolph to blind her with his shiney nose.oh what about the easter bunny he might tackle her for the eggs back huh.


who's afraid now ? - October 29

too bad I wasn't there the jerk would've stopped before he finnished ... I worry about that with my kids and Haloween is no exception for scaring kids why don't you get those guys begging for your forgiveness with their jobs . Please tell us the name and location of the store.


Jbear - October 30

Heavenly, your response cracked me up, I haven't heard "sharted" in ages...Christy, call the store manager and tell him exactly what happened. If his response isn't satisfactory, I did a search on Sage Sport and they have this customer service number posted on their website: (704)739-2366. Managers don't always know what their employees are up to when they're not there, and I'd bet the store manager would be suprised to hear of the situation. Also, all kids react differently to things...my three year old thinks scary masks are the funniest thing in the world (but she is afraid to flush a toilet). The store employee might not have had any idea that your daughter would be so frightened. Of course, the way he reacted when you confronted him was inappropriate. The other employee saying you aren't welcome back in the store...maybe he didn't hear the whole thing, and just saw his coworker involved in a hostile situation.


Christy - October 30

Thanks everyone. Part of the reason I posted this was to get opinions on how to deal with it now. I also did a search on sage sport and found the same number and I will be calling first thing Monday morning. I have been thinking about this non-stop since it happened. So many thoughts are going through my head it would take forever to get them all out. I will let you know what happens Monday with my complaint. For those asking, Sage Sport sells sneakers and athletic clothes. The store is located inside Randolph Mall in Asheboro, NC.


Grace - October 30

people like you make me angry.....you know your exaggerating. You are setting a bad example for your kids, teahing them to be neurotic. You have to much time on your hands.


%%%% - October 30

Oh just get over it maybe they were even scaring someone around you but at 5 & 6 nothing wrong with it it halloween for god sakes I think you scare to easy are are made of that I would of jumped out of my skin i scare real easy someone just has to say hi behind me but i laugh at it if you call you really think they will care sure they will say sorry cause thats what they have to do but afterwards they will just laugh at it again let it be move one maybe its just your preg hormones i know i get more uptight now but u have to think realilty


Weird People - October 30

don't mess around with fear and children some of you would defend a goofy possible drug freak adult over a child VEEEERY IIIIIINTERESTING or are you just the types who do those things .... maybe you're on the wrong forum . Some guy jumping around infront of you beating his chest and telling you to never come back in or they'l phone the cops even more IIIIIITERESTING ! Christy do everyone a favour and have the dumb a__s place shut down but phone the cops and tell them your story . Grace and %%%% you're 100% amazing or should I say docile. The least the guy could have done was apologize unintentional situations do happen and obviously neither Christy or the two guys were looking to make ammends but the child still has to take it like a man ??? Good thing mom was around !!!


peeved - October 30

Just wondering if any of you people who posted rude comments to Christy, have children around her kids age? Do you know what it is like to be in a deep sleep and wake up in the middle of the night to your son or daughter screaming bloody murder because they've had a horrible nightmare? Or your kid is scared to be alone because they are freaked out about monsters? I think what that employee did was very unproffessional. To scare an adult is one thing, to scare a child? That is mean and very cruel. Children have vivid enough imaginations about things that frighten them. Having an adult, of all people, scare the sh*t out of your kid is very unacceptable...Halloween or not! You know what also? I've encountered many people who WOULD hit somebody for the hell of it. Dont a__sume that this employee wasn't atleast threatening Christy. Christy, you should take serious action against this store. Teach THEM a lession or two about employee etiquette. Lily, you sound like a complete fool with your post. As if the easter Bunny is scary, idiot! Or Rudolph. We're talking about a grown adult in a frightening mask. Big difference.


bump - October 31



Boo - October 31

Okay, well since none of us were actually there we can not take sides here! I understand that Christy was mad her children got scared, but all she needed to do is explain to them that the guy was just playing and that it is for Halloween and she will see many scary things during Halloween! I think it was stupid for her to go and show her b___t in the store, the men were doing their job, I'm sure they were not just trying to scare a 6 yr. old! I have a 4 yr. old daughter and if this had happend to her she probably would have been a little scared too, but it is my place to tell her everythings fine, not act like a bigger fool then the guy that scared her! Why are you going to call and complain? You already made a scene? Is that not a enough? Get over it already!


hi - October 31

Sometimes people get carried away with the halloween and scary stuff.It has not happened to my children ,but it happened to me as a child.I was 10yrs. old and there was about 13 of us traveling around on the back of a pickup truck.We came to this one yard that would all decked out with spider webs ,skeletons,coffin,fog,crazy sound effects ,etc.Well we made it to the door fine and dandy,then got ambushed by 5men in scary costumes ranging from a warewolf to a mummy.Needless to say we said "screw the candy" and ran.Well on the way back as we scattered we began dissapearing.They had dug holes in their yard and i along with some of my cousins fell in them.As we were trying to get out of the hole on of the lunatics break out a d__n chainsaw.Not sure but i think i might have pee'd my pants at that moment,lol.I was crying and screaming i'd twisted my ankle and a couple of the other kids was hurt too,all were crying by then though.My uncle snapped and went to swinging.I know seeing someone go out of the way to scare a child is stupid.From what i've seen though it could've been worse.But i agree it's one thing to look scary for halloween ,it's another to go out of the way to scare a yound child.


chelsey - October 31

"hi", the same thing kind of happened to me as a kid! we lived in a small town with a lot of farms surrounding it. At one particular farm, people had played tricks, like moving bales on to the drive way, or pushing farm equipment around... well when we got there, the owner was hiding in the bushes and came running out after us with his chainsaw! We freaked! I'm sure some of us were crying! I dont think we ever trick or treated at that house again!


To all - October 31

the dummies out there who think there just doing there job, well they're not!!! There job is to sell the shoes or whatever and treat customers with respect. Christy, I hope you get them fired!!! There is no excuse for what happened or for the way they treated you.


Christy - November 1

I talked yesterday with both the mall manager and store manager. Both had already been made aware of the situation and were working on it. I made it very clear that I expected them to loose there jobs. What will happen in the end, I'm not sure. The manager of the store is a woman with 3 children and she said she had only been there 2 weeks and the staff was basically new except for the guy who was coming after me. She said nothing quite like this had happened but she had had problems with them since the beginning. She will be calling me back to let me know what happens and I will pa__s that along as well. Employees are fired everyday for stealing and horseplay. I cannot imagine why these idiots would not be fired for scaring children and threatining adults. I hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween.



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