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~m~ - October 21

Is anyone else having SEVERE nausea, vomiting, heaving, gagging, and anything else that makes you miserable? I have read about several things to try and I've about exhausted every route. So far, NOTHING is working. I'm sick constantly. I miss work more than I go, and when I do go, I usually leave early, and I basically don't feel like doing anything. I'm so sick of this!! Is it time to hang up the hat and accept it, or does anyone have any good ideas on how to conquer this? Of if you just feel like venting because you have this problem, too, go for it!!


pbj - October 21

I agree, ginger ale and crackers. Also, I used to carry lemon wedges around in a little plastic bag so when I would experience a smell that turned my stomach, I would just take a wiff out of my little bag to remove the smell. Obviously, you want to be careful breathing into a plastic bag, but it works for a very quick fix.


soleil - October 21

o yea, just make sure u eat something every 2 hours, u feel more nauseas when u have an empty stomach, even if u are not hungry just have a small snack every 2 hours.


Lisa*9 - October 21

If you decide to take morning sickness meds make sure you know the side effects of them my sister in law didn't and ended up with a baby born to cleft lip and palet due to the meds . The family is paying for it now. They didn't know about the problem with the baby till it was born,and are still angry with the medical profession to this day.


~m~ - October 21

I am a little over 7 weeks. I have 2 sons, and I wasn't like this with either one of them. So I just don't know what to do with myself! I haven't tried the gum, so maybe that will help. Ice does help keep me hydrated, because sometimes drinking liquid gags me, so I munch on ice just to keep fluid in me. Thanks for the lemon wedge tip. Although, I may need the entire lemon tree because EVERY smell turns my stomach. Down to my husband's shaving cream and soap. I am a teacher, so all of the sweaty, cologne-drenched teenagers in the hallways make me so sick! I just stay in my room when possible and away from the halls. soleil, I do notice that when I get hungry I feel sicker. I try to snack, but sometimes I just can't even force anything down. Yesterday I tried snacking on a pickle since my doc said try salty/sour stuff. But the pickle (and my taco from lunch) came right back up. Sorry if TMI!! Oh yeah, and I cry all the time, too. I was thinking this morning that now I understand why those people with chronic (non-curable) pain turn to Dr. Khevorkian (sp?) for help!! Just kidding. I would never do that. But goodness, it's misery being so sick constantly! I don't think I would wish this on my worst enemy! Oh, and if you girls are over the bad stuff, CONGRATS!!


~m~ - October 21

Lisa*9, I'm sorry to hear this. Actually, I forgot to address that in my post. My dr. prescribed Phenergan and Zofran. I took them for about a week, they didn't work, so I called my doc. She upped my dosage. After one day of increased dosage, I felt overmedicated and EXTREMELY uncomfortable with taking so much prescription medicine. So I stopped it. I just can't justify doing that. I can handle anything as long as I know I'm doing what I can to watch out for my baby. Thanks for your story. That makes it even more clear to me that I'm making the right decision in not taking the pills.


~m~ - October 21

Lisa, what kind of medication was your sister-in-law taking? Just curious.


karine - October 21

with both my other pregnancies, especially my sons, the nausea was really intense, i though i would depress over it, it really bothered me, it stayed till i was 6mt preggo!!! nothing helped.atleast i wasnt vomiting often..maybe 2 a week. but with this pregnancy, iam 10weeks along and feeling super great..so much energy! i only get nausea, if i try to eat somthing iam not craving. iam in heaven LOL....iam just hoping that iam out of the woods, and they wont start


ker - October 21

Hi yes I had the same problem too! I am still not over it but coping a bit better. I have not vomited only severe nausea and always feel like vomiting, I have had gagging though. Try brushing your teeth after you eat something, eat things like saltine crackers, cheerios, toast with b___ter, bland tasting stuff like that. Also try drinking gatorade instead of water or other stuff.


mommy of 2 - October 21

peppermint candies like those starlight mints you can buy helped me. i found sucking on them worked best for me, but my all day sickness just got worse when i had to chew anything. i lived the first trimester on chicken broth and instant breakfast drinks cause i didn't have to chew those!


kristi - October 21

M, I was also very sick the first 3 months and the doctor had me on phenergan gel (goes on wrist) that didn't make me feel sleepy and overmedicated like the regular did. The zofran oral disinigrating (sp) tablets I would take when it got really bad; however, this knocked me out for a few hours. I hope you can find something to make you feel better I ended up in the e.r. 4 times in about 2 months to be rehydrated and lost 10 lbs. before we got it undercontrol. Good luck


1st preg. - 18 wks. - October 21

I was also very sick and my dr. prescribed Diclectin and it worked the moment I took it. It's a new medication made from pregnant women who have morning sickness.


Kimberley - October 21

I am nearly 22 weeks, and my morning sickness has only just stopped (touch wood) I was spewing up 5-6 ti,es a day, couldn't eat, forever gagging. I only missed about 3 days of work, I probably should have taken more off, as I got really depressed and miserable thinking the sickness was never going to go away. This is my 4th child, and I have never had this with any of the others. The only thing that seemed to help a little bit was chewing peppermint gum, and munching on mentos lollies. As for brushing my teeth, that action alone would start off a good vomit :( I never thought morning sickness could be sooo bad, and it just wore me out physically and emotionally. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore it seems to have gone.


Rhonda - October 21

I have Diclectin it worked during the first pregnancy this pregnancy it isn't helping me. I have found slight relief with anything cold (ice cold) Ice has been my friend.


t - October 21

i found that sour hard candys work like lemon heads at least they worked for me


heather - October 22

sorry to hear about this ~m~. I was very sick also with my first, in the er at least 12 times and lost 19 lbs. This time with my second one I lost a total of 30 lbs, and have been in the er at least another 12 times. I'm 26 weeks and still on zofran and still having at least 2 days a week of bad vomiting (no er though in about 4 weeks!) other than those 2 days, usually only vomit or heave 2 times a day! My first trimester and most of my second, I was on zofran (oral) in the morning, compazine (oral) in the afternoon and evening (all 8 hours apart) and compazine supositories when it was uncontrollable (as a last resort before going to the er). I tried everything you could think of, ginger, lemon (any citrus smell is supposed to help) peppermint, lemon candies, even the legend crackers (that only made me instantly vomit!) and gingerale, sprite, flat soda. I couldn't even keep down water though. The best thing is to make sure you are seeing the doctor and talking to them about it. I hate taking medicine, but the baby needs her nutrients more. Until I stopped loosing weight, I had to go to the doctor every 2 weeks (no one should really lose more than 20 lbs due to morning sickness) especially if you are an average or healthy weight to begin with. (They started to worry with me when I hit 15 lbs under prepregnancy weight) Good luck on finding something that works! I would love to say it gets better, but when I went into labor with my first, I was deydrated and they had to give me phenergan through the IV (I went to fast to get any pain medicine, but at least my antinausea medicine took the edge off of the pain b/c it makes me loopy!)


Chantal - October 22

A last resort is diclectin for mornign sicknes.. Lots of women swear by it,. You can get the RX from you OB/Midwife. Ginger works very well, ginger ale, fresh ginger tea, eating ginger candies, but be sure not to use the ginger cures if you have a history of miscarrige, as ginger is known to bring on bleeding.,



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