I M Sure I M Not Alone

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Newmom - February 10

My ankles and legs are so swollen they hurt, bad. If I try to bend my knee, it's so tight that I can't. Today my legs starting going numb. My hands have been numb for over a month and also very achy. I know everyone's doc says the same thing..."It's normal", but I'm missing work due to the discomfort (my midwife put me on bed rest) My question is, just how normal is this? Are there a lot of you out there? I also experience severe breathing problems with wheezing and violent coughing. I'm just a bag of goodies, huh? lol. Hope everyone is doing better than me!


amandababy - February 11

I get the numb hands and arms so when I sleep, i put a body pillow in front of me with it between my knees with a smaller pillow on top of that to put under my stomach. Then one arm goes under the pillows and one over but make sure you have enough room to keep your arms straight out. Bending them or having them elevated or down makes the numbness worse. It also helps to have your partner put his back to your back or use a pillow for extra support. Everything together seems to take the numbness away altogether. If they do go numb, raise them above your head or hang them off the bed, hopefully this helps!


robbinsnest - February 20

Sounds like you have been having too much salt. You really shouldn't be having that much swelling. I am 35 weeks pregnant with my 5th child and I have no swelling anywhere. I didn't swell with any of my children. Not to scare you but it just doen't sound very good to me. Are you getting enough excercise, drinking enough water?


Carol - February 20

Newmom, If you are wheezing then it sounds like it may be asthma.Have you ever been tested?The wheezing can make you cough trying to get air.The pregnancy could be making it worse.You should go see your doctor, if it is asthma then a inhailer will help some during pregnancy.At the end of pregnancy you should start feeling better because the baby will drop down giving your lungs more space to breath.I have asthma and have been pregnant before myself.Hope this helped,Been There Done That



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