I M Terrified That I M Pregnant

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kerpluuey - January 7

A few facts about the situation: I'm a senior in college, I've been on BC for over a year (and I'm a perfect taker everyday at the exact same time), the last day of my last period was december 27th, I had s_x without a condom on jan 2 and 4, and yesterday i started spotting brown and today it's decently heavy and crampy. I did just get back to school, and I've been eating and sleeping irregularly. I still have a week and a half until my period is supposed to start, and I know it's been a very short amount of time, but I just have this gut feeling. I had the feeling before the spotting, and then when I started to bleed I found that they said that it can come from implantation and so now I'm scared. If I'm pregnant, that would just be the worst thing possible. Does anyone think that I could be pregnant or am I just crazy?


Grandpa Viv - January 7

Considering your perfect pill-taking routine and the fact that the signs you report seem a bit early to be pregnancy-related, I think you should relax and plan to take a pregnancy test before you start the active pills in the next pack. Use first morning pee, dip method, for the most accurate results. Happy New Year


Quantess - January 9

Have fun during your two week wait, LOL! Just kidding, the tww is nerve wracking, no matter what answer you're looking for. You feel like you HAVE TO know, but your body will keep you guessing until you either get your period or you get a positive pregnancy test. I've been going through the tww every month for a couple of months now, and it's hard to relax, I know. I'm disappointed that technology has not advanced so that you can know right away. Time will seem like an eternity, but you just have to be patient and wait. But if you have taken BC perfectly, I would bet money you are not pregnant. So stop worrying.



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