I M Tired Of People Pointing Out How Small I Am

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Mary Louise - August 5

how about this one. I have a really small belly, and people is always telling me how small i am, and it really bothers me, those comments like " what are you growing inside? a peanut, a little rat!!!!! you know what I mean, I really hate those types of comments, sometimes i have cried, i am really sensitive at this point , I am 35 weeks, 5 more to go........ its SAD :(


dayi - August 5

i hate it when people make coments.and hurt other's people i am so sorry but you know what when people hurt you hurt them back by saying something like is good that i am small that dosen't mean the baby is less healthy but it give me a chance to stay small after giving birth.or not is not a rat is my baby and i don't like your comments. i hope this helps i am a very sensitive person eventhough i am not pregnant but is my personality but before i used to cry when peope make any stupid coment that bother me but now i just b__w them off


~E~ - August 5

People have commented on how small I am... but I have not received the peanut, a little rat, etc. remarks about the baby. THAT would be upsetting. You could say something like... "were you HUGE when you were pregnant?" or "I guess not everyone can look good while being pregnant!" The people that say things like that to you are probably jealous... because they are probably BIGGER than you even when they are not pregnant.


Dorothy - August 6

I know how it feels the same thing is happening to me, are you sure your baby is doing OK? some people is just way to nasty.


N - August 6

With my first i was tiny too. I ran into an old neighbour and talked for a few minutes when i said i had to go, this baby is attacking my bladder and i can't hold it any longer.. she replied "your pregnant? oh i didn't even notice, i just thought you had gained some weight" i'm like.. i'm 36 weeks pregnant, thanks. I was really mad. I was at a gas station a few weeks later and a lady asked when i was due, i said saturday, she went omg, is there something wrong with your baby, you are not big enough to be giving birth to it yet. I finally felt better when i had the baby. I had a c-sec, and on the way home from the hospital went to pick up my perscription for painkillers, in my old jeans, and the pharmasist was like WOW, you had a baby two days ago, you don't even have a belly! I was like, ya, i look great don't i? So don't worry, once that baby is born, you will be getting compliments left and right and you'll forget all about the nasty remarks.


Mary Louise - August 6

Thank you for your responses. God bless you all.


leslie - August 6

I am very small too for 31 weeks and i hate it when my hubby's mother is like "you are too small, you are not eating enought probably! Your doctor is not good b/c he is not telling you that you need to gain weight!, What kind of clinic is it? is it a good one? and what I hate most is when she finishes telling me all this c___p, she turns to hubby and says "you need to go with her and ask the doctor questions b/c she doesn't know she is too young!!!!! I am like what the f**ck and then she turns to me and says "you have to stop worryng about your weight its ok to get a little bit fat You are pregnant!" uggggg!!!!!!! it makes me sooooo mad. Is not my fault if I am a skinny person and have a fast metabolism! and just b/c I am young doesn't mean i am stupid!


Soleil - August 6

That use to happen to me, People would say things "your going to have a small baby", "your not eating enough, maybe you should eat more", "are you sure everything is alright?""O your 8 mo. pregnant I thought you were barely 3". AHHH o well I was eating healthy and measuring normally, and my baby was born good and healthy. O yea and not tiny!


linda - August 7

I wish i was getting those comments erveryone tells me how much weight iv'e gained and how fat i am so just take it as a compliment there hating because they were probley a big fat cow like me when they were pregnant or not pregnet and some people probebly are trying to complement you and your just tierd of hearing it.


Ranya - August 7

I've realized that NOBODY is the right size, you're either too big or too small according to people! I wish people would just stop commenting, and although it seems nice that people are commenting on how small some are measuring, the message is always delivered with a negative connotation...I'm not giving birth to an olive, and I'm not dieting to keep weight off my b___t, thighs, and arms,nor am I too obsessed with my weight. I know I'm lucky and that's my response to people, "God's been kind to me"!


to Mary - August 7

I know what u mean when i went into the hospital they asked me if i was in premature labor...i told them no and they asked me if i was sure....but be thankfull that is that much less you'll have to get rid of later!!


jen - August 7

i know lots of people that are really small when they were pregnant and i would just say, so atleast im not big and fat


caring21 - August 7

maybe you should turn it around, my brothers gf was small when she was pregnant too and people said the same thing, and now his daughter is 9 years old and he calls her peanut... i just think its really cute!!


ASA - August 8

I don't think it's a jealousy thing. I guess people expect us to be a little bigger. I was a cow when I was pregnant but it was all belly. Look at it like this, folks will talk about you no matter what you do or what you look like. It's a sad part of life that we all have to deal with. Some are just ignorant and you have to learn to ignore them. I can say that I have never heard the "rat" thing before. That might have been the comment to make me get nasty with someone.


vied - August 9

don't listen to those comments, people could be such stupid a** sometimes, so close your ears, and only listen to your doctor, i'm pretty sure your baby is healthy. good luck


Julie - August 9

If your doctor isn't concerned you shouldn't be either. The funny thing about being pregnant is that everyone else is an expert. It is the only thing I hate about pregnancy is the unwanted advice and comments of others!



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