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pokey - September 1

its only been 3 days since ive had s_x with my bf he came in me which he always does.i feel really nausoues.i took mylanta which usually helps but didnt help much this time.i just had my period on august 11 it ended the 15th. also i was around my dad when he was smoking last night.usually it doesnt bother me but last night i was gagging and almost puked.is a heightned sense of smell.another symptom.who knows?if i am pregnant my bf and i would be very happy.also how long should i wait to take an hpt test?please help me


! - August 17

YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT! It has only been 3 days since you had s_x so you wouldn't know yet even if you were pregnant. Also you had s_x at a VERY LOW FERTILE time in your cycle so the possibility that you are is pretty close to zero.


nope - August 17

It takes at least 14 days for fertilization to occur. And those symptoms you described would not appear until a few-several weeks after fertilization.


pokey - August 19

ok ever since the 6th of august my bf has been c_mming in me.tomrrow im going to the doctors to see if i have the flu because that has been going around and because ive been feeling really naseous.if i dont have it im going to take an hpt test.ive also read that some pregnant women still have their periods.who knows.i do pray that i am pregnant.wish me luck.please no negative answers.


SaRaH - August 19

How old are you pokey? I hope that everything works out for the best! GOOD LUCK!


pokey - August 21

18 i know u think it might be alittle young but im not.


SaRaH - August 23

I was just asking! Ihad my child when I was 18. Things happen! :)


Irene - August 23

Hi Pokey! I just had to say this!! I was in your same situation a couple of years ago. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I had only been together 2 months, and had been doing nothing to prevent pregnancy (i.e. we were letting it flow). We had the baby, stayed together (somehow), and now are married and have a beautiful 2 year old. I was 24 when I got pregnant and my husband was 21. I always thought that if I ever got pregnant, I would have no problem leaving the father (if I needed to) and raising my child on my own. Now I'm a mommy and realize how selfish that is. Here is what I want to tell you. Every baby deserves a mommy and daddy who would do anything for him or her. Every baby deserves as perfect of a life as possible. I know that this doesn't always happen, but every effort should be made to insure of that. Please make sure that you and your boyfriend are ready to provide your baby full devotion (from both of you). I know that if someone would have said this to me before I ever got pregnant, I would have dismissed it thinking I knew better. Hopefully, you will read this and make sure you and your boyfriend are making the best decision. If you feel you are, good luck! I hope everything works out!!! :)


pokey - September 1

ok i took a blood test it was negative.my symptoms turned out to be a urinary tract infection



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